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This tool helps to convert your source code snippets into a pretty-printed HTML format, which you can easily include or embed into research blogs, articles, posts, emails, websites, etc.

print 'Hello World'

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax highlighter or Code highlighter is a tool that helps in highlighting the different elements used in a piece of code like the keywords, comments, control-flow statements, variables, datatype, etc being used. These elements are displayed in different colors so that they can be easily recognized. This helps in easily recognizing the structure, syntax, and elements used in the code.

Highlighting some part of the text does not change its meaning; it is only for the benefit of the reader.

The highlighter used at Resurchify provides support for many languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. You just need to select your language from the drop-down list and the rest will be done. You can also select the option of Line number if you want the line number to be displayed in front of every line.

Benefits of using Syntax Highlighter or Syntax Beautifier

Often programmers come across large chunks of code, which are often time-consuming while understanding. In that case, comes the role of Syntax or code highlighter. Such a highlighter will help in improving the readability and make it easy for someone to grasp and work on the code.

It will also become easy for programmers to find any error. For example, the datatype of variables gets highlighted in a different color. In case you see a variable's data type is not highlighted, you can easily detect an error.

Braces can be easily matched for their opening and closing. Because in case a brace is left open, it gets highlighted in a different color.

Steps to use this online source syntax code highlighter (beautifier) tool are as follows:

  1. Copy your source code to be highlighted or beautified in the Enter Source code textarea.
  2. Select Language and a color theme of your choice from the Style dropdown.
  3. Click on the Include Line Number checkbox, if you want to include line numbers in your code.
  4. Finally, click on the Highlight button to get your highlighted source code. You will be able to see your converted beautified code with all the syntax highlighted in the preview section.
To include the source in your HTML page (Blog, website, etc.), just copy the HTML code from the HTML equivalent section and paste it directly. You don't even need any external CSS (Styling) or Javascript files for this code.

You can also copy the converted highlighted code from the preview section and copy it directly to your emails, documents, research papers, presentations (ppt), etc..

Enjoy the online syntax highlighter tool for free!.

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