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CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management - Call for paper, ranking, acceptance rate, submission deadline, notification date, conference location, submission guidelines, and other important details

This article provides the call for paper, ranking, acceptance rate, submission deadline, notification date, conference location, submission guidelines, and other important details of CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management all at one place.

Conference Location Beijing, China
Conference Date 2019-11-03
Notification Date 2019-08-06
Submission Deadline 2019-05-22
Conference Website and Submission Link

Conference Ranking

ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management ranking based on CCF, Core, and Qualis is shown below:

CCF Ranking B
Core Ranking A
Qualis Ranking A1

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  • About CCF Ranking: The Chinese Computing Federation (CCF) Ranking provides a ranking of peer-reviewed journals and conferences in the field of computer science.

  • About Core Ranking: The CORE Conference Ranking is a measure to assess the major conference in the computing field. This ranking is governed by the CORE Executive Committee. To know more about Core ranking, visit Core ranking portal.

  • About Qualis Ranking: This conference ranking is published by the Brazilian ministry of education. It uses the h-index as a performance metric to rank conferences. Conferences are classified into performance groups that range from A1 (to the best), A2, B1, B2,..., B5 (to the wost). To know more about qualis ranking, visit here

Conference Acceptance Rate

Below is the acceptance rate of ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management conference for the last few years:

Year Submitted Papers Accepted Papers Accepted Percentage/Acceptance Rate

We are working hard to collect and update the acceptance rate details of the conferences for recent years. However, you can consider the above (if available) acceptance rates to predict the average chances of acceptance of your research paper at this conference.

Conference Call for paper

  • Topics of Interest
We encourage submissions of high quality research papers on all topics in the general areas of databases, information retrieval, and knowledge management. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
  • Integration and aggregation (e.g., semantic processing, data provenance, data linkage, data fusion, data warehousing, privacy and security, modelling)
  • Infrastructures (e.g., cloud computing, data intensive computing, database systems, indexing and compression, search engine architectures, distributed systems)
  • Special data processing (e.g., multilingual text, sequential, stream, spatio-temporal, graph, multimedia, scientific, and social media data)
  • Analytics and machine learning (e.g., OLAP, data mining, machine learning and AI, scalable analysis algorithms, event detection and tracking, deep neural networks, deep learning)
  • Information access and retrieval (e.g., web search, question answering and dialogue systems, retrieval models, query processing, personalization, recommender and filtering systems)
  • Data presentation (e.g., visualization, summarization, readability, understandability, VR, speech input and output)
  • Applications (e.g., digital health, urban systems, biomedical informatics, security, business intelligence, computational social science, data-enabled discovery, social media)
  • Submission and Review Guidelines
Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished full-length (10 pages) and short (4 pages) research papers that are not previously published, accepted to be published, or being considered for publication in any other forum. Full-length papers should satisfy the standard requirements of top-tier international research conferences. Short papers should describe interesting ongoing work, new discoveries and insights, or summaries of significant projects, and be material that is suited to poster presentation.
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, as PDF formatted using the ACM camera-ready templates (sample-sigconf.tex) provided on the CIKM webpage; however with the author names removed to conform with double-blind submission requirements. Full papers cannot exceed 10 pages in length and short papers cannot exceed 4 pages in length. Papers should be submitted through the CIKM 2019 online submission system. The list of authors cannot be changed after a paper has been submitted for review.
Authors have the option to upload supplementary materials to cover more details that cannot be included in the main manuscript. Note that supplementary materials are regarded as support materials, and they are optional for reviewers to review. The authors also need to pay attention to anonymize the supplementary materials.
CIKM 2019 review of both the full and the short papers will be double-blind. For this reason, submissions must be properly anonymized. Lack of anonymization may result in rejection without review. Submissions will receive an "accept" or "reject" decision based on the version that was submitted. CIKM19 provide the option of transferring rejected long papers for consideration of short papers. The authors will be asked to select (or not) the option when making a long paper submission.
At least one author of each accepted paper (both short and full paper) must register for the conference by paying a full registration before the final version submission deadline, and must attend the conference and present the work as scheduled in the conference program. Short papers will be presented via a poster session, and authors are expected to present the poster. Work that is not presented at the conference by its authors may be removed from the ACM Digital Library and/or the final version of the proceedings.
There is no industry paper track at CIKM 2019. Instead, some speakers will be invited to give industrial talks. We encourage industry participants to submit their papers to the regular research paper track or the applied research paper track.
  • Dual Submission Policy
It is not allowed to submit papers that are identical (or substantially similar) to versions that have been previously published, or accepted for publication, or that have been submitted in parallel to other conferences. Such submissions violate our dual submission policy. There are several exceptions to this rule:
  1. Submission is permitted for papers presented or to be presented at conferences or workshops without proceedings, or with only abstracts published.
  2. Submission is permitted for papers that have previously been made available as a technical report (or similar, e.g., in arXiv). In this case, the authors should not cite the report, so as to preserve anonymity.
  • ACM Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

Submission Deadline

CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management submission deadline is 2019-05-22.

Note: It is generally recommended to submit your conference paper on or before the submission deadline. Generally, conferences do not encourage to submit the research paper after the deadline is over. In rare scenarios, conferences extend their deadline. Decision about the extension of the deadline is generally updated on the official conference webpage.

Notification date

Notification date of CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management is 2019-08-06.

Note: This is the date on which conference announces the result about acceptance or rejection of submitted papers. If your research paper is accepted, the conference will request you to submit the camera ready version of your research paper by the due date. Due date to submit the camera ready version of the paper is generally posted on the official web page of the conferences or notified to you via. email.

Conference Date

CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management will start on 2019-11-03.

Note: This is the date on which the conference starts.

Conference Location

CIKM 2019: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management will be organized at Beijing, China. This is the place where the conference is organized and the research paper is to be presented.