Private Label Rights (PLR): The Complete Guide

Written by Resurchify | Updated on: September 05, 2022

Private Label Rights (PLR): The Complete Guide

Private Label Rights (PLR): Definition, Applications, Advantages, Challenges, Types, Tips, Passive Income, and More

What is Private Label Rights?

Private label right (PLR) is an agreement where resale of original content rights occurs between the reseller and the buyer. The reseller purchases content from content creators and resells it to a buyer who uses it on his own web source and claims the right to own it. The content may be in the form of articles, videos, ebooks, software. The content creators of the content may sell their content to a company, which will resell the content to a buyer or multiple buyers. The final purchaser may post the content in their own blogs, websites or applications.

Applications of PLR

PLR items have gained market all over the world. PLR is applied in various fields for reputational as well as financial rewards because of the time-saving and effort-reduction faculties. Below are the fields in which PLR is in use. 

Rapid Blog Posts

There are several websites in competition for identity and to stand out in the SEO ranking. Therefore, websites that post blogs can use PLR articles and parts of ebooks to find good subject content prepared by a researcher or a subject matter expert. 


Many content creators share their knowledge in a video format and sell it to the PLR company. The videos are purchased by target niche buyers and used on their online platforms for sourcing income. 

Graphics Creation

Graphic designers sell their intellectual assets to the PLR website in the form of graphics. The application of PLR for graphics holds great value for website designing. One with experience in editing graphics can customize blog posts, videos, slides, articles, ebooks, promotion flyers with graphics. 


Ready-made podcasts from a PLR website are of great use to podcasters to increase listeners. Also, budding businesses can use podcasts for training purposes. Podcasts are also a means of entertainment. Therefore radio channels can purchase PLR podcasts and deliver them as their own. Not just that, content for podcasts can be extracted from PLR articles and ebooks. One may customize it with style, branding and introduce stories or examples to support the audio value. 

Teaching and Education

Academic content from PLR articles, ebooks, videos, courses can be shared as study material, information columns in student newsletters, articles. The text can be converted into a video presentation for educational purposes, or the educational institute can create PowerPoint presentations for seminars and webinars. 


The Magazine publishers can use information from PLR products and publish them in columns dedicated to various sectors; health and fitness, entertainment, art, books, sports, education, beauty, travel, international events, technology, wildlife, pets, plants etc.,


Businessmen or entrepreneurs can use emails by sharing PLR content to maximize opportunities. One can send free ebooks to attract more traffic, use excerpts in newsletters, and the website link for more profit by attracting customers and retaining existing ones. Also, adding more subscribers to the mailing list with page set-up autoresponders acts as a reminder to visit the website. 

Social Posts

As the PLR products contain a wide variety of information related to various fields, interesting bits or snippets from articles and ebooks to attract viewers to their respective pages, accounts, websites are creative ways to grab attention. Not just this, one can use a catchy line from PLR content and use it in social media videos such as YouTube shorts or Instagram reels, share links on affiliate sources for promotion of events, courses, movies, businesses; the list is never-ending.

Audio Books

The audiobooks can be used by people from many streams for several purposes; training, entertainment, relaxation, research, educational purposes. PLR articles, ebooks, videos can be converted to audiobooks and shared on the desired platform. 


Infographics are graphics supporting information. A designer or an entrepreneur can utilize graphic and text tools to customize the website or business promotion. Image with graphics and info will catch more attention. Therefore, the use of PLR infographics in any field adds to the promotion and growth. 

Live Streams

One can pick ideas and information from PLR products and apply them in live streaming to attract and engage the audience. Example: Promotion of a mobile phone with interesting facts; Pigeons were mobile devices for information for the ancient ancestors.  

Physical Product Description

Few of the PLR companies offer the facility to take orders and submit content to the buyers for perfect product descriptions. Also, a budding entrepreneur can seek knowledge from PLR products such as marketing articles and ebooks to write product features. 


The concept of PLR is a boon for speakers as it saves a lot of time and effort. It is easier to rewrite and present than to start from scratch. 


An artist can be best at performing but may lack the right words to express the information to train a group. The concept of PLR brings light into such lives. It allows to utilize the PLR courses to stream or inspire them to create a course on their own and become a trainer: grasping valuable points from PLR articles, ebooks, videos, audios. 

What is PLR article?

An article whose rights are resold by a PLR company to the end-user for non-profit or commercial purposes and generation of income is a PLR article. The original content is created by a content writer or a subject expert and is sold to the PLR company for monetary benefit. The content is then resold by the PLR company to the end-user. The PLR company charges an amount for the article or may give it as a freebie along with the handover of the PLR license agreement. 

The content creator sells his asset on a PLR website for a reasonable sum. Later the PLR company highlights the product to purchasers for much less amount. Depending on the company's policy, it can sell the intellectual rights to a single buyer or multiple buyers. 

With the evolving times, few PLR companies even offer the facility to rewrite the content and send it to the buyer as per the buyer's request. Also, offer content creation for an idea. Another interesting and beneficial feature is the PLR companies provide access to tutorials on the usage of PLR articles for income generation.

All the buyer needs to do is create an account on the PLR company's website, purchase the content, and claim it as their own. The buyers have the option to sign up for a premium membership and avail of additional benefits. Once an end-user purchases the content, they can claim the content as their own, edit, publish and earn profits.

How Can Private Label Rights Content Help You Grow Your Business?

Don't be confused, It can. Optimum utilization of quality content in one's blog, website, channel, and proper marketing techniques of one's products can generate more customers. In the case of a blogger, if the blogger has writer's block on a certain topic, he can use PLR articles written by subject experts of good quality on his page or rewrite them in an attention-seeking way to keep the customers coming.

Another way is the owner can share good quality content as bonuses for visiting his website, which will make the customers spread the word with others and result in new customers. The bonuses can be in the form of free articles, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, courses, software etc., A master technique would be to offer reward points or a certain sum for referring it to a new customer.  

Another way is to have affiliates who can promote a blogger's blog source to their mailing list and also include PLR products as a bonus with a reference link to the product description.

Let us dive in and decide if the concept of PLR is a boon or a bane.

Private Label Rights (PLR) Products Advantages

  1. The content sold by the creators may have unique insights and ideas which would benefit the buyer and generate more customers and income. Even though the quality of the article may be poor, ideas can be taken and used effectively.

  2. Time Saving: An existing content will save time as well as the efforts of the end-users. Buyers are motivated by these gains and can directly use them on their respective sources.

  3. The content may have new information and valid research sources attached, which makes the user's life much easier, along with building trust in the buyer.  

  4. Additional expertise: Content creators specialized in a particular field give away the best knowledge, which places the buyer on a higher level. Buyer can save himself from breaking his head on lesser-known topics.

  5. Customized: Purchase of content enables the user to customize content and make it interesting. A user can add company information and examples for improvisation and the vast attention of knowledge seekers.

  6. Inexpensive: The Private Label rights cost less than the purchase of the original content. Buyers can attain more information with less expense.

  7. Ownership: Once the Private Label rights are purchased for a set of PLR products, the buyer can claim the right to be the owner.

Private Label Rights (PLR) Products Challenges

  1. Duplication: The content buyer may not be the only person to whom the content is being sold. The original buyer can have sold the content to several other purchasers. Thus, the final buyer may find the content already in use in other sources. When such content is reposted after rewriting, the google ranking tool identifies and marks it as duplicate, decreasing the possibility of appearing on top of SEO.
  2. Plagiarism potential: There are cases where plagiarized content was sold. In such cases, the money spent and the rights obtained cannot be used on any new web media. Plagiarized content is automatically detected and banned from the web. It may even attract legal consequences for some.
  3. Low quality: Some of the resold content may be of poor quality and disables the buyer's intention to reuse.  
  4. Unknown quality: There could be a possibility to have purchased the invalid content being sold, which voids the purpose of PLR. If the content creator has written his mere assumptions, then real facts, money, time, and buyer enthusiasm are wasted. 

How do you use PLR content?

One can use PLR content for non-commercial purposes as well as for commercial purposes.

Non-profit use of PLR products is by individuals who use it for their personality development or to level up their skillset. These individuals can be students who use them for the preparation of exams, seminars, interviews. The other group can be the academic faculty that uses the content to prepare study material, subject classes, and training purposes. Employees use such knowledge on their field subjects for their professional growth, useful for meetings, events, and brush up skills required for daily responsibilities.

Another category is the fun-loving people, who download PLR content and make their blogs, videos, or courses to kill boredom or spread awareness about a certain topic. Our personal favourites are the ones who use it for application in real-life entertainment. Example: People who choose a lone trip to Jungle buy books on bushcraft to learn survival techniques and apply them in the camping.

Commercial purposes include the application of PLR products to generate money. The most common way to generate money using PLR products is by rebranding the item and selling it as their own.

Example: A food lover website owner can buy an article on "calories matter" and add it to their blog as their own. 

Another way is to offer services based on the PLR software for the creation of money earning app.

Example: One may use PLR software for the creation of a health app that sends reminders and feedback as per the customer criteria.

Another easy way is to have a source of information on the web that will generate income as per the number of visitors and viewership.

YouTube videos are the best example, usage of a high-quality content video yields lot of viewers, which result in reasonable profits. 

Affiliates use the PLR content for marketing strategies such as free access to a bundle of PLR content for a new customer. This strategy is one of the successful strategies in the market as it creates a win-win situation for the associated partners; it promotes products of their source of income and the partners.

If there is an immediate requirement for the conduct of webinars due to competition in the market, ready-made content saves the presenter. Webinars play a crucial role in bringing customers to the store. Therefore content created by a skilled professional supports the objective.

Example: A budding website to be the top business in the agricultural field can utilize the content for presentation on "Agriculture day", which supports building trust with the niche audience.

Infographics on a hoarding or pamphlet to show benefits of certain drug or health device grabs relatively greater attention than articles and Blogs. This adds to the progress of a rising pharmacy. 

Types of PLR Products

PLR Articles

PLR articles are the articles written by experts from various fields or a researcher, which are then sold to the PLR company for a sum. A typical article usually has a title, brief introduction about the topic, content that can be presented in a step-wise approach or separate-paragraphs approach without sub-headings, supporting images or tables or diagrams, resources and a license to avail the ownership of the product. The content can be related to any genre: relationships, career, health, self-help, arts, construction, production etc.. The content creator receives a sum for his work post review by the PLR team. The team then purchases the content if it meets their standards. Once the item is with the PLR company, they have the full rights to resell to the buyers for a much lower amount. Usually, content is sold in bulk to the buyers. 

PLR ebooks

The PLR ebooks usually contain a title, table of contents, knowledge, resources, checklist and a license to avail the ownership of the product. The ebooks are written by authors, budding writers or people with expertise in a certain field. These books are sent for acceptance from the PLR company website. Once the team of the company reviews and likes the content, it offers to purchase at a rate or negotiates with the content owner. Once both parties accept the deal, the content is sold to the company, and it holds all rights to sell it to buyers.

PLR Videos

These are some of the most sold PLR products as the audience prefer videos to articles and ebooks. Videos are prepared by professionals from the video industry or people from different fields to share their knowledge in an easy and time-saving way. The videos are purchased post-assessment of quality and quantity from the creator. PLR company, based on its buy-it criteria, purchased it from the creator and placed it on their website for sale. The commonly sold videos are the ones that have content on the making of a certain item or building connections.

Example: Cooking recipes, DIY, PPT presentations, installation of devices, dating tips, etc.,

PLR Software

The software created by a certified software developer and whose intellectual rights are sold to PLR company for a sum is called PLR software. PLR company has a team of certified software developers who are involved in reviewing and waving a green signal before purchasing the product. The software can assist in performing several functions in different fields.

Example: software for website designing, software to detect errors, software to build an app for tracking the number of footsteps of the user etc.

Tips While Using Private Label Rights Content or Products

Here are some of the tips you can consider while using Private Label Rights content or products:

 Make the PLR Changes

The license agreement has several do's and don'ts in regards to the PLR product. One tip that can limit the number of web sources from using your content is to modify the clause in the license agreement; state "the right to sell for personal use or sell resale rights" is restricted and will attract legal consequences upon the violation. This is helpful when the PLR company has the policy to sell a product to a single buyer and not multiple buyers.

Read the Fine Print

Read and understand the terms before using the product for benefit. Analyze if the purchase can meet your requirements and has legal and reasonable conditions to avoid confusion and prevent misuse. Few of the license agreements clearly state that a certain product has to be sold as it is without any modification, whereas other products give the liberty to modify, rename and resell. It is necessary to keep these points in mind.

Build on What You Have

A product brought for commercial use and resale has clauses to resell as well; therefore, if one desires to make money from the resale, they can edit and sell to another PLR website and earn more.

Certain PLR products have terms that allow modifying and reselling, which foster making money. Such products yield more benefits as remodelling the content in a creative way will attract more customers. 

Can You Modify the PLR Content or Product?

Yes, and no. Oh, did our response baffle you? Don't worry. We will make it easy for you. Few PLR companies restrict modification of the product but only allow resale of an unaltered product. Such policies are found on the company's website as well as in the product license agreement. At the same time, few PLR companies allow the users to modify and resell the content. It is important to read the license agreement before publishing PLR content on the website. 

In the case of articles, one can rewrite, or hire a ghostwriter or use an application that rephrases the content. The blogger can customize the article with desired font, style and formats and post it as a blog of their own. Creative content with additional points stands on a high google ranking. However, it is crucial to use software to detect duplicate entries to prevent low google ranking. 

Ebooks can be modified by adding special reports that highlight the main points of the ebook; one can add or remove images, tables, resources as per the requirement and make it an enticing piece of work. 

Audiobooks: Customization of introduction and conclusion along with the change of skilful speaker will add grace to the content. Another approach is to make a knowledgeable asset is by addition of a story with dialogues and examples for a better impact.

For video amendments, if the buyer himself is a techie, he could customize, rebrand, recreate everything in preferred style and present. If he does not know, he could hire a professional to do the visual touches. The buyer can use the same purchased video or use a different presenter with a rephrased introduction and conclusion or add slides for a better effect. Conversion of audio into important points for a slide show with background voice or music help the users take notes. 

The PLR product owner can combine audio with infographics for effective knowledge delivery. Any budding entrepreneur to attract more customers can customize the video with the desired style and effects and earn a good viewership.

Building software isn't a lame man's job. Therefore, a software developer is required to add or remove certain features from the software applications. 

How Can You Make a Passive Income From PLR?

Who doesn't love to make money while they sleep? Everyone loves it. Let's look at methods that use PLR products and become a source of passive income.

Blogging: one may use quality PLR content as free articles to existing customers and attach a link to access more such articles through premium subscription,

Ebooks: One may share a preview of premium quality ebooks with the visitors and request purchase for full access. The seller can even send free ebooks to the mailing list along with the link to paid quality articles. Another way is to partner with established businesses like Amazon and make ebooks available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. Partnership with Amazon will gain trust and once customer believes in our work. He would like to try out other ebooks too.

Courses: PLR video courses are a great way to earn profit. One can use good quality content on their website as per their niche interests and add a payment feature to access. If the seller brought a PLR product that has not-so-bad content, one can modify it with the addition of information or graphics or examples and place it on their website.

Affiliates: We would say having affiliates is the best strategy to enter the market as a beginner. Many established companies pay for referrals and the promotion of their products. Therefore, it is advisable for a beginner to tie up with reputational organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft 365. Refer new customers for noted companies, and once the trust is built, one can request for affiliation with them. People would come forward to view your products if a trusted business promotes your stuff.  


PLR seems to be a breath of fresh air for many. However, it is important to perform research about the PLR company before purchasing.

Customer reviews are a great way to assess the genuineness of the PLR company. It is good to purchase an ebook or article that has brief notes about the author. A product without the description of the author may indicate that he is a beginner or has written for the sake of writing. 

Also, it is important to keep in mind that there are online applications that have the feature to identify rephrased content. One must be cautious before posting such content on the media. 

One is free to pick PLR products or create new content for their requirements. But, it is crucial to assess risk and return before making any investment. 



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