10 Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel

Written by Resurchify | Updated on: June 20, 2024

10 Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel

Without a doubt, video marketing has grown in popularity and accessibility for organizations. While popular sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram and your website are great places to invest, having a YouTube channel may be the most effective approach to market your business, as one billion people watch videos on the network every day.

YouTube, termed the "second-largest search engine" globally, can help people find and engage with your content rapidly. You're familiar with a few tactics and the fundamentals of making creative videos. Here are ten of the most successful strategies to increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Create Videos Based On A Single Keyword Or Topic

The most straightforward strategy to attract traffic and grow your YouTube following is to focus your video on a specific topic or keyword. Unfortunately, marketers unfamiliar with SEO may overlook this phase in the video ranking process. If you want your films to reach as many people as possible, you must include them. Using a YouTube-specific keyword tool, look for the most searched phrases in the niche you wish to target.

It's crucial to choose your keyword before making video content because it'll assist you in creating the best possible content around that topic. It also makes it easier to remember to sprinkle your keyword throughout the content when adding closed captions to YouTube. After choosing a keyword, check out the top-ranking videos for that topic to make sure you're on the right track and keep your title and description updated. If you do this, you will get more search traffic from YouTube.

Reuse High-performing Content That Already Exists

Of course, creating and distributing outstanding material is the best method for expanding your YouTube channel. You can also make some of your best videos from existing engaging, valuable, functional, and actionable material.

Many people look to YouTube for answers and how-to instructions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when consumers binge-watched 4 billion hours of "how-to" videos in a single year. As a result, publishing content that solves problems for your audience is a great way to get more visitors. Conduct a content audit to decide ways to repurpose high-performing blogs, tutorials, and other content into relevant and compelling videos.

Note: The most successful YouTube videos are typically between one and five minutes in length, so don't feel obligated to make a movie or write a novel. Instead, be brief and to the point.

Try To Associate With Your Crowd

It's significant not to fail to focus on how YouTube is a virtual entertainment stage that requires a connection. So, you're missing a trick if you only post videos without promoting comments and debate.

YouTube recognizes and rewards channels with a high level of engagement, which is estimated by absolute time spent on the channel, watch time, and, most essentially, comments. So, if at all feasible, respond to every comment, and encourage users to interact with audio/visual suggestions.

You can also interact with other channels, such as a company like yours or one that you appreciate. It would be best if you didn't always rely on the audience to start a discussion. Instead, you may boost engagement by asking questions about the content or asking what kind of content the public would like to see on your channel and what they want to see more of. Remember to thank anybody who has shared your material on YouTube or other social media channels. Consider using a social content distribution and engagement dashboard to keep track of actual engagement numbers on YouTube.

Make Yourself Known

So, even if your content is outstanding, does your channel appear appealing? If you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you need to appear professional.

Improving your company's social branding will make it easier for users to recognize your content. If you have a website, you most likely already have a distinct look and feel that distinguishes you from other people and businesses. As a result, it's only logical to carry that same character over to your YouTube channel.

Make A Connection To Yourself

YouTube creators of all levels make the error of considering each video as a separate piece of material. They don't recognize that connecting to your previous videos and even your other internet domains in your video and description provides a tremendous opportunity to promote them. In a moment, we'll go over how to add end screens and cards, but there are even more effective ways to develop your channel and other social media assets.

Include any connections to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages and your blog, landing page, and website in each video description.

Other Social Media Channels Can Help You Promote Your YouTube Videos

Sharing your YouTube videos on all of your social media accounts is much more potent than sharing your social media profiles in your YouTube videos. So post your latest creations to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, and podcast show notes.

You can also use your editor access to embed the videos on blogs and other websites. One of the most delicate areas to do this is in the descriptions of your videos. Everyone does not read the description of a video, but those that do are true fans. You can also inform your audience that they can discover you on social media by clicking on any links in the video’s description.

Stay Consistent

The more effort you put into uploading your, the more people will watch them, and your channel will expand faster. So, consistency, rather than frequency, may be more significant. You're informing the algorithm that you're going to show up by submitting a video on a specified day and time each week. This predictability has advantages. Your subscribers will also appreciate knowing when they can expect a new video.

When you're first starting, the prospect of producing many films can be daunting. You may believe that you require the best camera, the most expensive sound equipment, and a lavish set. The opposite could not be further from the truth! The cameras on today's smartphones are fantastic. Furthermore, editing software is less expensive and easier to use. Even free video editing tools are available nowadays.

Make Use of Analytics

Each YouTube channel comes with an analytics tool with a wealth of information about your channel's performance, allowing you to improve your development and discover what works with viewers. You can view reports for specific periods or the whole life of your channel. For example, find out which videos have the most subscribers, where individuals have stopped watching your videos, and whether your viewers are male or female.

Show Up And Make A Statement

If you run your YouTube channel by yourself or as part of a small business, it can be highly beneficial to personalize it by participating in videos. People are more inclined to relate to you as a person when you give a face to your brand. This is advantageous to vloggers, fitness instructors, life and business coaches, and solopreneurs.

Your face does not have to be shown in every video you make, but it should appear frequently enough to capture the attention of your viewers. If you're this type of YouTuber, you should also use a photo of yourself on your channel (not your logo).

You Should Post Great Thumbnails

Although thumbnails may appear insignificant (which they are), they can have a considerable impact. You want your video to stand out since YouTube utilizes thumbnails to promote other videos in its sidebar.


Your YouTube channel will reap the benefits of your work and effort in the future. Unlike a video you post on Facebook or Instagram (which gets buried in a newsfeed), your YouTube videos become more valuable as time passes. This is because they'll keep accumulating views, and if you follow the suggestions in this post, you'll see steady growth in likes and views as time goes on.



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