Kiwi Benefits: Asthma, Digestion, Vision Loss, and More

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Kiwi Benefits: Asthma, Digestion, Vision Loss, and More

Kiwi is oval-shaped and fibrous fruit with a light brown peel covering. Kiwi is soft and green in color from the inside with tiny black seeds. This fruit has a sweet taste and unique flavor. The peel of kiwi is soft and easy to remove with the help of a knife. Read this article to find out more about Kiwi.

Introduction to Kiwi

Kiwifruit is sweet and sour at the same time but has multiple benefits. Kiwifruit is an expensive fruit but is worth the price. Kiwifruit is available in dry and frozen forms. Dry kiwifruit contains more sugar. It is suggested to consume frozen kiwifruit. The demand for kiwifruit is high in the market. Kiwifruit can be used in various recipes that promote health benefits. Kiwifruit is good to include in your breakfast or lunch. Kiwi helps treat asthma, high BP, and other problems.

The kiwi spread started in the 20th century when it was first planted. During the 2nd world war, the kiwi fruit became popular in British situated in new Zealand and it was also exported to Great Britain and California. Kiwi fruit is also called Chinese gooseberry.

About the History, Cultivation, and Production of Kiwi

The growers of New Zealand start calling kiwi fruit because of its fuzzy look similar to the bird name kiwi. The name was finalized on 15 June 1959. Kiwi is the short name used in the United States. The kiwi became a commodity in New Zealand due to the development of agricultural practices, marketing, and storage.

There are different varieties of kiwi fruit such as purple kiwifruit, arctic kiwifruit, golden kiwifruit, silver vine, etc. Fuzzy kiwi fruit is mostly sold in the market and is derived from A.deliciosa. The commercial planting of fuzzy kiwifruit started in 1940. Earlier it was domestically grown.

Kiwi berries are also popular and have the same fuzzy appearance as kiwifruit. Kiwi berries are also known as the grape kiwi, baby kiwi, and dessert kiwi. Kiwi berries taste are more similar to kiwifruit in taste but with thin green skin. Kiwi berries are durable and fast-growing in their growing season.

Golden kiwifruit is another variety of kiwifruit. This kiwifruit has bronze skin and the color varies from light green to yellow. The kiwifruit can be consumed without removing the peel. The yellow kiwifruit is expensive as compared to normal kiwifruit. 

Cultivation and Production

Kiwifruit needs summer heat and a temperate climate to grow. Most of the kiwifruits are propagated asexually. The male ones produce pollen and the female plants need pollen to grow the fruit. The producers of kiwifruit relies on honey bees. The harvesting of kiwifruit is done manually by the growers.

The storage of kiwifruits is done so that they can be stored for a long time and can be sent to market after harvest. The kiwifruit ripens in a few days when kept at room temperature. Avoid storing the kiwifruit in sunlight areas. Do not store kiwifruit with other fruits to avoid ripening. The export of kiwifruit increased between 1960 to 1970. The kiwifruit of New Zealand was sold and marketed by the brand name is called Zespri.

Reasons to eat Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit can be used in making fruit salad, juice, cocktails, and smoothies with other ingredients. Kiwifruit can also be used for garnishing and dressing the food. In China, kiwifruit was used as medicine to give the children and women after pregnancy for soon recovery. Kiwifruit is used as a digestive aid. Actinidain is present in kiwifruit and can be used in gelatin-based desserts. 

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin k, and vitamin C, and has vitamin E. It also contains sugar, sodium, proteins, etc. A Kiwifruit provides food energy for almost 61 kilocalories, 15 percent carbohydrates with fat and proteins. Vitamin C is higher in golden kiwifruit. The kiwifruit can be an allergen (due to the presence of Actinidain) for adults and children. The common symptoms can be wheezing, mouth soreness, and itching. Eating kiwifruit is beneficial for health and in many other let’s. Let’s discuss some of the important reasons to eat kiwifruit.

  • Helpful in asthma reduction

Kiwifruit is rich in antioxidants and a good source of vitamin C. Consuming kiwifruit daily help in improving lung problems and brings down asthma symptoms. Kiwifruit also protects the individual from seasonal infections.

  • Helpful in diabetes and cancer

Kiwifruit is used in making medicines that help treat different types of cancers. Kiwifruit is also helpful in controlling diabetes. Many doctors suggest the diabetic patients eat a kiwi regularly. Kiwi also helps in lowering blood sugar. Kiwifruit is good and beneficial to include in your diet.

  • Helpful for the eyes

Kiwi is a natural fruit that contains almost no fat and has fewer calories. Many people eat 1 to 2 kiwi daily because it prevents a person from various types of eye diseases such as vision loss, cataracts, etc. Kiwifruit is good to pair with other fruits and consume as salad or smoothie.

  • Good for heart and fights anemia

Kiwi contains potassium and vitamin C which promote heart health. Kiwi helps in maintaining BP and preventing the risk of heart diseases. Kiwifruit also protects the body from anemia. The women who have anemia should eat kiwi.

  • Good for skin and boosts immunity

Kiwi has amazing skincare properties. It has the presence of vitamin E which promotes flawless and smooth skin. Also, preventing to get rid of wrinkles and acne. Kiwifruit boosts immunity, helps to fight microbes, and prevents flu or cold. Kiwi contains calcium, iron, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B6, etc.

  • Helps in digestion and sleep benefits

Kiwifruit is a good source of fiber that helps in digestion and also solves the issues related to constipation. It helps in reducing IPS and pain. Doctors suggest ear 2 to 4 kiwifruit per day to see better results. Kiwifruit helps promote sleeping. Serotonin is present in kiwi along with other antioxidants such as vitamin C that promote sleep.

  • Helps in weight management

Kiwifruit helps in maintaining a healthy weight that promotes a good shape of the body. Kiwi is low in calories and contains multiple vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Kiwi is more nutritious and low on sweetness. You can eat kiwifruit guilt-free.

Various benefits and uses of Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit has amazing uses and provides various benefits. It is delicious and fibrous fruit to include in your diet. Kiwi can be used in making desserts. It provides a sour and sweet taste to the dessert which enhances the flavour. Kiwifruit is used in decorating desserts, garnishing dishes, and salad which enhances the beauty of food. You can use the kiwi with gelatin to make delicious jellies. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of kiwi.

  • Good for hair and skin

Kiwi is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps in promoting skin benefits such as youthful skin, removing wrinkles and providing soft skin. Kiwi contains vitamins such as zinc that promote Hair growth and repair the tissues. Also, nourish the scalp, and prevent baldness.

  • Good for babies and mothers' health

Folate is present in kiwifruit which contributes to the brain growth and development of a baby. The gold kiwis are the most delicious way to add to your snack. If you notice the symptoms such as itching or tingling after having kiwi then it is a sign of allergic reaction. Avoid eating kiwi and follow the precautions.

  • Prevent DNA damage and repair

Kiwifruit has a good combination of antioxidants that protects DNA from damage. Flavonoids present in the kiwi fruit help in DNA protection. Kiwi also contains lutein which is good for the eye and protects against eye problems.

  • Kiwi for bone repair

Vitamin K is present in kiwi which helps in making bones. Calcium content is highly found in kiwi which contributes to the development and growth of bones. The vitamins present in kiwi also protect the bones against injuries.

  • Good for vision loss and fights inflammation

Kiwi contains a high amount of copper and vitamin A along with other vitamins and minerals. The vitamins are essential for eye health and protect from cataracts and other issues related to an eye. Vitamin A absorbs excess light and protects against retina damage.

Kiwi contains bromelain which helps in healing inflammation. Kiwis also prevent other diseases which can cause due to inflammation such as heart stroke. High amount of vitamin C in kiwi fight again radicals

  • Other benefits of kiwifruit

Kiwi also helps clear out the toxins from the intestinal tract. Kiwi is rich in minerals and is called an alkaline fruit which helps in replacing acidic food. Kiwi contains lutein and vitamin A which protects against eye-related issues and is beneficial for the eyes.

Kiwi also has various skin benefits such as using kiwi-based face masks to prevent sun damage, fight acne, remove wrinkles, smooth skin, prevent hair loss, etc. Omega 3 fatty acid is found in kiwi in high amounts which makes the skin supple and soft.

Various Skin Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwifruit extracts are used in making several face creams and face washes as kiwi has skincare properties that make the skin glow and stay healthy. Here is the list of various skin benefits of kiwi.

  • Reduces pores and removes acne

Pores make your skin look dull and unhealthy. Pores also attract dirt. You can use kiwi for reducing the pores. Follow the steps regularly at night before sleeping:- Take warm water and wash your face nicely. Make a kiwi paste with the help of a blender and apply the kiwi mash to your face. Rest the face for 20 to 25 minutes. Use cold water to wash your face for better results.

Kiwi also helps in removing acne. Follow these steps:- Take a mashed kiwi and mix it with a spoon of fresh lemon juice. Apply the mix to the acne. Leave it for 30 to 35 minutes to dry and wash your face with lukewarm water. Do this for 3 to 4 days and you will see the results.

  • Prevent early aging and tackle oiliness

Premature aging is common nowadays because of busy routines, pollution, eating habits, and others. Including kiwi in your diet can prevent premature aging and also maintains skin elasticity.

Kiwi also balances skin oiliness. The treatment includes honey and mashed kiwi. You need to take a well-mashed kiwi and mix 2 to 3 spoons of the honey well. Apply the ready paste to your neck and face. After some time wash your face and neck with lukewarm water.

  • Act as a skin moisturizer

The people who suffer from dry and rough skin can use kiwi to solve this problem. You just have to take a kiwi, an egg, and olive oil to make a nice face pack. In a mashed kiwi, add olive oil and egg, and mix it well to make a face pack. Apply the ready paste on the face and leave it for 30 to 35 minutes. Use warm water to wash your face. Doing this every night before sleep will help in getting better results.

  • Fights dark circles and prevents the skin

The various nutrients present in kiwi help to fight skin issues such as pores, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. Eat this magical kiwi fruit to get rid of dark circles and see the benefits of kiwi on your skin through the results.

  • Kiwi helps in skin brightening

Kiwi fruit helps in fading hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes. It even out the skin tone and brightens the skin. Citric acid is highly present in kiwi which helps in the regeneration of skin cells. There are various skin care products available in the market in which kiwi extract is present such as kiwi and coconut sunscreen.

10 Amazing Recipes with kiwifruit at home

There are various recipes that you can prepare with kiwi fruit instantly with a few ingredients. Many people don’t know about such recipes that can be prepared with Kiwifruit. Kiwi fruit can be served as a side snack in your kid’s tiffin box. Cut the kiwi fruit into fine pieces and keep them in the lunchbox. Kiwifruit can be used to prepare various vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Here is the list of some popular and simple kiwi fruit recipes.

  • The First popular recipe you can prepare with kiwi is kiwi chia pudding. The recipe is simple and easy to prepare. Also, it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin K and C. You can include this recipe in your breakfast to cherish your morning cravings.
  • Kiwi muffins look like an interesting recipe and yes they can be prepared with kiwi fruit. Kiwi muffins are versatile, delicious, and a healthy recipe. The recipe takes less time and is a good option to serve with evening tea. Kiwi muffins can be served as dessert with ice cream and choco chips on top. You can also prepare kiwi oatmeal muffins.
  • Kiwi juice or lemonade is an instant refreshing drink option to satisfy your thirst. Kiwi lemonade is easy to make with a few ingredients such as water, kiwi pulp, lemon juice, sugar, and black salt. This recipe can be prepared in just 5 minutes. Serve kiwi lemonade chilled and top it with 1 piece of fresh kiwi and mint leaves for an extra flavor.
  • Kiwi popsicles are another popular and easy-to-make recipe at home. To make these popsicles all you need is fresh pineapple juice, kiwi, and chopped kiwi cubes. You can add black salt into the blended mix for extra flavor. Blend kiwi with pineapple juice and pour the liquid into popsicle molds. Let the popsicles sit in the freezer for 6 to 8 hours straight. Enjoy these chilled popsicles in hot summers with your family. Especially, children are going to love these kiwi popsicles.
  • Kiwi and strawberry salad is another great recipe and simple to make. It’s a good salad option in summers to heal the body. Serve this salad cold and sprinkle some black salt or lime juice on the top for better taste. You can also prepare kiwi salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and avocado.
  • No-bake kiwi cheesecake is a popular yet delicious recipe. The recipe needs a few ingredients and takes less time to prepare. Keep the kiwi cheesecake in the freezer to set properly and then serve cold. Kiwi cheesecake is a good dessert option to have after lunch or dinner to relish your sweet cravings.
  • Kiwi Sorbet is a delicious and flavorful dessert option with just 3 ingredients. Preparing this kiwi sorbet at home is an easy task as it requires less time and handwork to make it. All you need to make this sorbet is kiwi, like juice, and sugar. Keep the sorbet in the freezer in an air-tight container for 1 to 2 hours to set completely.
  • Kiwi parfait is a quick and healthy recipe to prepare at home. The recipe takes less time and a few ingredients to prepare such as blackberries, granola, kiwi, yogurt, and honey. It’s a great option to start your morning as it contains fewer calories and is a healthy breakfast option.
  • Kiwi fruit salad is a fulfilling, healthy, and yummy fruit salad. Kiwi fruit salad is a quick and easy recipe to make with fruits. All you need is some fresh fruits such as bananas, pomegranates, apples, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, grapes, etc whatever fruits are available in your home. Finely cut the fruits, add them to a bowl, sprinkle black salt or chat masala evenly, and give it a nice mix. Enjoy this fruit salad chilled in summer to satisfy your fruit cravings.
  • Kiwi smoothie and dessert pizza is yet another popular dessert and it’s easy to prepare at home with fewer ingredients. Many people prefer making fruit smoothies. Kiwi smoothie is one of the popular and healthy smoothies. Kiwi smoothie can easily be prepared with fewer ingredients as it tastes delicious and is packed with nutrients. Kiwi smoothie is a more healthy way to start your day.

How to eat kiwi fruit?

The best way to eat a kiwifruit is:- Take fresh kiwis, wash them with clean water, dry the kiwi with a help of a clean cloth, and remove the peel with a knife. Cut the kiwi into round or vertical pieces as per your choice. Sprinkle some black salt on the kiwi to give an extra punch of taste and enjoy eating kiwifruit.

Side effects and precautions of eating kiwi

  • Overeating can cause allergic reactions

Eating kiwi in large quantities is not good forrrr your health. Consuming kiwi in excess amount can harm the body and can cause allergic reactions such as vomiting, swelling, rashes, mouth irritation, nausea, etc. Kiwi is considered safe for breastfeeding women but it should be taken in the right food amount.

  • Disorders and surgery interruption

Kiwi is considered safe for pregnant women but it might not be safe to consume the kiwi amount present in medicines. First, always consult with your doctor and follow his advice accordingly. Kiwis can be responsible for bleeding disorders and can make them worse.

Doctors suggest not to eat kiwi if you are planning to go through surgery. Avoid eating kiwi before 2 to 3 weeks of your surgery to avoid the risk of bleeding during a surgical procedure. The exact amount of kiwi dose depends on the person’s age and other factors. Always consult with your physician before using a product.


Kiwi fruit is not only beneficial for health but it also provides various benefits such as skin and hair benefits. Kiwifruit is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that our body needs. Kiwifruit is like heaven as it is widely used in various ways. Kiwi fruit can be used in the preparation of different kinds of recipes from cocktails to desserts. Healthy recipes can also be prepared with the kiwi for diet-conscious people.

Kiwi is an expensive fruit and it has a good demand in the market. People of every age group can include kiwi in their diet as it is packed with nutrients and taste delicious.





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