Healing Crystals: Finding the Right One for You

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Healing Crystals: Finding the Right One for You

There has been witnessed a recent uptick in adults from the United States of America turning to what you can call alternative and complementary medicine. This tends to include everything ranging from yoga, and tai chi to yoga and healing crystals. In fact, a person might have probably overhead from many people while they were talking about these beautiful stones and showing them off to their friends or acquaintances. But are you aware of what benefits they can offer you?

In turbulent situations, many people generally harness methods to make themselves feel grounded, soothe stress, and calm their anxiety levels, so it comes off as no surprise that an alternative therapy such as crystal healing has ended up coming to the fore.

Such a concept of using crystals for healing has been known to prevail in society for centuries now but with celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham talking publicly about their belief in such a practice, it has ended up becoming a highly mainstream resurgence in modern times. With several trends re-entering the market, social media has also played a crucial role when it comes to the popularity of crystals in a plethora of ways. Continue reading the article to know more!

Science And History Behind The Use Of Healing Crystals

People have been turning themselves to the use of crystals to heal and grow since the beginning of time. These are no less than a treasure of Mother Earth, stones, rock crystals, and glittering gems were born from elemental energy. In a single shimmer, they can easily capture the moon, soil, salt seas, mountains, sun, and the moon, and can additionally transmute all this healing power back to a person.

Healing crystals have had a long history, they have embellished the breastplates of warriors and priests, have been the guiding path for several ancient tribes, been used in shamanic services, and additionally have been stashed in the pockets of many healers, princesses, and sailors.

Further, healing crystals have been highly dismissed as a pseudoscience, although there tend to exist several studies suggesting that they might be offering a placebo effect. A comparatively older study that was presented at several conferences in 2001 and 1999 but failed to be published in a journal reviewed by peers suggested that any healing effects associated with the use of such crystals are most likely a result of or are connected with a unique power of suggestion. Say, for instance, research done in 2005 by individuals from the University of Waterloo situated in Canada discovered that the mind of a person might have something more than what it is given actual credit for in reality. Still, various people tend to believe this goes much deeper than anyone can ever think.

As per Sonali Saujani, a crystal master healer, crystals are made up of several compounds or elements to which a body of a person tends to react in different ways. She further stated that they are minerals holding energy, and as a human is made up of energy, he can easily exchange energy with a crustal while he is working with it.

In addition to this, she also points out that such crystals are used for the improvement of the functioning of several everyday objects such as a watch, hospital equipment, plug, laser, etc. she further cited a study performed in 2008 that stated that quartz can be used for starting a fire or generating electricity by acting as a flint.

Although the use of crystals as a healing modality is not supported by science, there is no harm in trying them once if a person has a realistic expectation about what they can or can not do. It must be kept in mind that the use of crystals shall never completely replace a medical treatment provided by a qualified professional.

What are Healing Crystals? 

Crystals are stones that present themselves with physical features, such as ordering or specific formation of atoms, that tend to affect the electrical charge, light refraction, and a lot more. Crystal healing is a phenomenon that emphasizes such qualities and how they might affect the vibration, functionality, and electrical charge in the human body.

The formulator and founder of JBK Wellness Labs and a doctor of Chinese medicine has explained that such frequencies and vibrations can also be comprehended as qi or crucial energy that tends to make up a living entity. 

Why Should You Use Healing Crystals?

There are several distinct types of healing crystals out on the market. Some people believe that they possess healing abilities for the soul, mind, and body. Various ancient cultures, such as Egypt, China, and Greece, have always believed that such crystals possess healing properties. 

Some people have also claimed that healing crystals can help with the promotion of the flow of positive energy and assist them in getting rid of the negative energy from their mind and body for emotional as well as physical benefits. However, a person must be aware that there fails to exist any concrete scientific evidence in the support of the use of these healing crystals. 

Benefits Of Using Healing Crystals Which Are Supported By Science

Is there any data that suggests the use of healing crystals to offer restorative or healing properties? Look a bit deeper and effectively, and there surprisingly might exist a few. 

Significance Across Cultures

The practice of crystal healing boasts an undeniably rich cultural and historical significance irrespective of the lack of studies to support the procedure. 

Placebo Effect 

The placebo effect is by far one of the most identifiable and effective outcomes of crystal healing. The placebo effect is often not appreciated because of its ability to blur the results of research that has been carried out, but such an effect proves to be a strong tool when a person is working in the wellness and medical field. There are numerous advantages, closely related to mindset, believing that a person is healing either emotionally, or physically, or both ways. 

Piezoelectric Effect 

This effect is a scientific principle that is used for the explanation of vibrational medicine. The piezoelectric effect enables the use of such healing crystals to significantly transform mechanical pressure into some other form of energy, such as sound, electricity, or light, and then amplify it further. Such technology is used in several materials, such as a battery or microchips. In the art of crystal healing, such a concept is applied, magnified by the potency of the energies present in the surroundings or the body of a person.

How Can The Use Of Healing Crystals Help A Person?

To help a person get started, hereafter is a compiled and comprehensive roundup of a few of the most famous crystals. 

Healing Crystals For Health

  • Clear Quartz 
  • Jasper 
  • Obsidian 
  • Amethyst 
  • Bloodstone 

Healing Crystals For Wealth

  • Tiger’s eye 
  • Citrine 
  • Turquoise 
  • Sapphire 
  • Jade 

Healing Crystals For Love

  • Moonstone
  • Ruby
  • Rose quartz 

How Does A Person Use Healing Crystals?

There are various ways when it comes to use healing crystals, from decoration to meditation and beyond. 


Gazing or holding at a crystal that is known to represent an emotion, intention, or mantra is an effective and simple way for a person to return to his meditation practice when his mind wanders. Trevisan has said that healing crystals serve as a grounding tool on a practical level. 


The founder of LOU Artisan Soul Stones and a certified holistic practitioner has suggested that the addition of these healing crystals to the home décor by a person can help him maintain healthy feng shui in his home. 


Various crystal healers tend to recommend a person wear crystals on his skin or in his clothes to benefit most from a vibrational medicine theory. For example, Trevisan places crystals on the body of the client in an energy center or on a chakra while she works with them. 

Wellness And Spa Treatments

These crystals are used in massages, chiropractic adjustments, and facials by many holistic health practitioners for effective results. 

How Should A Person Select His Crystals?

Firstly, a person should always begin by identifying what he is feeling missing before he looks at what the stone chosen by him can give him. This will help him figure out what is going on with him before he starts to depend on external sources. 

From there, he should let nothing but his intuition choose what is best for him. Whether a particular crystal catches his eye or he feels as if he is physically pulled towards one, his inner subconscious will help him by guiding him to the crystal that is perfect for him. 

Once a person successfully picks his crystal, he can then start creating the connection he needs. 

How Should A Person Take Care Of His Crystals?

When a person brings the crystal chosen for him to his home for the first time, the experts say that he will want to cleanse any negativity present there that might have been picked up by it. Depending on the type of stone, he can do any of the following: 

  • Hold it under running, cold water 
  • Put it in sea salt 
  • Place it under the light of the moon or sun 
  • Smudge it with sage or any other herbs 

A person should ensure that he carries on detailed research before he gets his crystal wet. Several stones tend to dissolve when they are immersed in water, while the others end up becoming toxic. He must check and determine whether the crystal chosen for him will disintegrate in water or not. 

Though it is not only limited to the physical care of the healing crystals. For a crystal to work its magic, various experts have suggested mentally clearing any negative energies or skepticism a person might have about his capabilities. According to many believers, a person must respect the ability of crystals to do something for him.

Types Of Healing Crystals And What Do They Mean

Clear Quartz 

This is a white crystal that is generally considered a master healer by many people. It is said to: 

  • Amplify energy 
  • Sharpen memory and concentration 
  • Help balance the energetic system 

To further help and enhance its abilities, this stone is often paired with other crystals such as rose quartz. 

Rose Quartz 

Just as the name and the color of this crystal might suggest, it is a pink stone all about love and compassion. It is said to: 

  • Help restore harmony and trust in a relationship 
  • Enhance connections 
  • Provide calm and comfort during the time of grief 
  • Encourage respect, self-worth, love, and trust 

Who will not love using some of that? 


This crystal is believed to be a very protective stone. It is said to: 

  • Protection against emotional and physical negativity 
  • Get rid of any emotional blockage 
  • Promote the quality of compassion, strength, and clarity 
  • Help find the true sense of oneself 

This stone might also help a person digest his experiences, baggage, and emotions, letting him free of any negative blockages. 


This is a smooth crystal that is known as a supreme nurturer. It is said to: 

  • Empower the spirit 
  • Support a person through times of stress by preparing him to show up completely 
  • Protect him from any absorbed negative vibes 
  • Promote quick thinking, confidence, and courage 

These are the characteristics that are very helpful when a person is tackling crucial issues. This is exactly what such a stone might be perfect for. 


Citrine helps bring wonder, enthusiasm, and joy to every part of the life of a person. It is said to: 

  • Help release any negative emotions such as doubt and fear 
  • Encourage warmth, clarity, optimism, and motivation 
  • Enhance mindful qualities 
  • Encourage creativity 
  • Support concentration levels 


This is a blue crystal that is known to help heal the body, soul, and mind of a person. It is also said to: 

  • Be a lucky charm
  • Help balance emotions 
  • Support spiritual groundedness 

When the body of a person is considered, it represents the skeletal, immune, and respiratory systems as a whole. 


This is a purple stone that is known to be extremely purifying, protective, and healing. Further, it is said to: 

  • Help get rid of any negative thoughts 
  • Bring forth sincerity, spiritual wisdom, and humility 
  • Promote healthy choices and willpower 
  • Demystify dreams and help sleep 

Tiger’s Eye 

If a person is in the need of a motivational boost or power, this is a golden stone that might be perfect for him. It is said to: 

  • Help get rid of the body and mind of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety 
  • Guide to balance and harmonize 
  • Help to make conscious and clear decisions

This can be advantageous for a career aspiration or even in the case of a matter of the heart. 


This stone is famous for its new beginnings. It is said to: 

  • Encourages strength and inner growth 
  • Soothe feelings of instability and stress while embarking on a new venture 
  • Promote intuition, inspiration, and positive thinking
  • Help move forward successfully 
  • Support good fortune and success 


This a powerful healing stone that undoubtedly lives up to its name. It is believed to: 

  • Draw off negative energies from the environment 
  • Encourage the circulation of energy and ideas
  • Promote creativity, idealism, and selflessness 
  • Reduce aggressiveness, impatience, and irritability 

Bloodstone is symbolically associated with blood and bodily processes related to it such as menstruation. 


This is a blue stone known for royalty and wisdom. It is said to: 

  • Attract happiness, peace, and prosperity 
  • Opening the mind to intuition and beauty 
  • Assist with clearly seeing 
  • Promote a happy and positive mood 


Ruby is a red-colored striking sound considered a real standout. It is said to: 

  • Restore energy levels and vitality 
  • Promote sensuality and sexuality 
  • Support intellectual pursuits 
  • Bring recognition of truth and self-awareness 

Does The Shape Of A Healing Crystal Matter?

The shape of a crystal is coupled with a unique set of spellbinding energy and can undoubtedly make a difference in how a person experiences the healing crystal and its associated powers. Various shapes of healing crystals can be:

  • Point
  • Sphere 
  • Cube 
  • Pyramid 
  • Tumbled stones 

Best Options To Buy Healing Crystals

You can purchase healing crystals from: 

  • Small and independent shops where a person can feel, see and enquire about the product before deciding to buy it
  • Retailers who provide an authenticity certificate upon buying a rare crystal 
  • Retailers who provide relevant information on how crystals being sold by them are sold 
  • Retailers with realistic points and prices since cheaper need not always be better

Accessories Made With Crystals

People tend to believe that the primary advantage of a crystal is its metaphysical ability. But if we are being honest, they also are pleasing to the eye and soul. It is no surprise that many people tend to make tons of accessories out of them such as home decorations and jewelry. Not only do they look appealing, but a dash of extra positive energy can never hurt anyone.

Prayer Beads 

Mala beads or a crystal prayer are worn on the wrist or against the heart by people to inspire true feelings, whether it be peace, hope, or courage. They prove to be a nice way for a person to carry around crystals and their healing powers. Prayer beads can also be used while meditating to calculate the repetitions of the mantra or while chanting. Practitioners or gurus tend to use the main bead to keep a track of it. 


It is another way for a person to incorporate healing crystals into the wardrobe and daily routine. From earrings to rings to necklaces, there tend to exist various options he can choose from. Not to mention, it also permits a person to showcase the natural beauty of each stone. 


Such stunning coasters are made with genuine gemstones, especially from Brazil. The agate stone in household items is thought to aid the promotion of harmony and balance in the home. This is an ideal choice for someone who wishes to bring good energy into his abode. 

Sex Toys 

A sex toy made of crystal is designed to mix the metaphysical energies it carries with the sensual ones. They are the perfect tools for people who wish to try something new with a twist fully infused with crystals. 


A person can even consider smoking out of hand pipes made of healing crystals, we know this might not be easy to believe. They are characterized to be sturdy, easy to use, and smooth. These features end up making it a perfect gift for a person who manages his health or related conditions with the use of medical marijuana. 

Water Bottles 

Cute bottles as well as crystals tend to share the same level of trendiness and want among users in this day and age. So, a product that combines the two would undoubtedly be a hit. Crystal water bottles promote everything, balanced beauty, wellness, etc. 

Where Should A Person Keep His Crystals?

A person can consider keeping his crystals wherever he wants. But he must consider keeping them close to him so that they do not stop putting an effect on the energy that surrounds him. For instance, like Kerr, Knowles likes to keep crystals on her skin so that they always remain in close contact with her chakras. 

One can also consider wearing healing crystals as a part of jewelry including necklaces made of rose quartz; this must be worn above the heart. Jewelry made of crystals is designed to work the same way as individual crystals and permit a person to keep them close enough to it. 

Apart from this, one can also consider incorporating crystals into its daily routine through various ways such as using a roller on the face or gua sha of jade, amethyst, or rose quartz to meditate and massage with, salt crystals to bath with, or crystals soaked in essentials poils for inhalation. 


Whether your wrist is rattling with several gemstone bracelets or a single stone, using healing crystals in your day-to-day practices can be highly rewarding. Every person tends to have work to do and he can, without a doubt, balance out the physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of his being so he can easily step off the shadow into the light of a new authentic self. 

If a person is already skeptical about using healing crystals, then they most likely won’t do him any good or harm per se. While the existence of any scientific evidence supporting the use of crystals has failed to be proven yet, it still has not stopped anyone from trying them out. 

An open mind is the key to obtaining a positive quality that such beautiful and giving stones can offer. Whether it is the overall energy a person desires or a specific set of healing powers, there is nothing wrong to give an honest try to healing crystals. Who knows, a person might get happily surprised by the results.



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