Amethyst Healing Properties and Uses in Alternative Medicine

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Amethyst Healing Properties and Uses in Alternative Medicine

Alternative and complementary medicine practitioners frequently use crystals to aid in healing the mind and body. Purple amethyst is one such crystal that is supposed to be powerful. While some ayurvedic and alternative health practitioners promote amethysts for healing, there isn't much scientific evidence to back them up. Continue reading to learn more about amethysts' possible therapeutic abilities and other gems used for mental and physical healing.


Crystals are beautiful and fascinating, and they pique our interest. They could be one of the most significant advances in alternative medicine. Some believe that holding crystals or placing them on different body regions might benefit physically and mentally. According to the notion, crystals interact with the body's energy field to establish balance and alignment.

Many people believe that crystals may treat physical ailments, while others use them to ease stress and improve focus. What percentage of the belief in crystal healing is true?

Let us look at some crystal science, crystal uses, properties and more.

What Do Healing Crystals Entail?

First and foremost, why do individuals utilise crystals in the first place?

Crystals are said to be significant energy amplifiers by some. They're thought to have been formed over thousands of years and can help with:

  • Mending both physically and emotionally
  • Safeguarding against negative energy
  • Attraction to love, prosperity, and abundance, among other things

While working with crystals is an everyday activity, there is no scientific proof to back up its claims. Indeed, according to a 2009 study, the reported benefits of crystal therapy may be due to the placebo effect. However, many people swear by the advantages of crystals. There's no harm in experimenting with them as a supplemental treatment.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medicinal approach that involves using crystals and other stones to treat and prevent disease. Crystals, according to proponents, work as therapeutic conduits, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while bad, disease-causing energy flows out.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the most common kind of quartz crystal and is thought to be the most strong and most protecting stone. It's a violet semiprecious stone commonly used in jewellery and for healing. It has long been appreciated for its brilliant colours and ability to trigger strong mental and emotional responses.

Amethyst is a semi-precious rock in today's world, although it was formerly a precious stone. It is the birthstone for Pisces and February and the stone for the 6th wedding anniversary. Whether the stone is pure, cut, or polished into diamonds, Amethyst has a stunning beauty.

Purported Amethyst Powers for Healing

Amethysts can be used for the following purposes by ayurvedic medicine practitioners, crystal healers, reiki practitioners, and other alternative and complementary medicine practitioners.

Physical Health Claims

Amethysts are supposed to have numerous physical therapeutic powers, according to online sources, including:

  • Reducing headaches
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Improving endocrine function
  • Improving the skin’s appearance
  • Regulating hormones
  • Promoting digestive health

However, none of these claims has scientific proof. While some of these benefits may be true, the scientific community considers research to be proof of efficacy, and there hasn't been much of it in this case.

Emotional And Mental Health Claims

Legends and myths surrounding amethysts abound, including one about mental health. A titan named Rhea handed the god of wine Dionysus an amethyst to help him keep his sanity in Greek mythology. Indeed, the ancient Romans believed that amethysts could prevent them from becoming intoxicated because of this legend.

Amethysts are no longer utilised for the same objectives as the Romans, though they are still used to treat addiction in some cases. On the other hand, amethysts are supposed to induce peace and tranquillity. Those who work with crystals may be able to employ gemstones to help lessen anxiety and pain perceptions. However, none of these claims about amethyst's ability to improve mental health has been proved by experts.

Metaphysical Properties Claims

The third eye is said to be opened by amethysts. The third eye is thought to be a source of wisdom and power. According to crystal healers, Amethysts can increase or sharpen spiritual insights and enlightenment. Again, these are unsupported assertions based on science.

According to metaphysical crystal practitioners, Amethyst geodes or crystals will absorb bad energy and create a peaceful environment in your home. Furthermore, they claim that amethysts aid in blocking electromagnetic frequencies and "geopathic stress," which can contribute to negativity. When human-made items interrupt the earth's natural energy, this happens.

Amethyst Benefits and Healing Properties

Amethyst, a powerful and protective stone, has numerous properties. Below mentioned are some of Amethyst's therapeutic characteristics and powers:

Guards Against Psychic Attack

Donning the protective Amethyst crystal shields you from all types of harm, including spiritual assault and anguish produced by other people.

Amethyst Activates Spiritual Awareness

This valuable stone has incredible healing and purification powers. It achieves this by enhancing psychic abilities and opening intuition.

Natural Tranquilliser

Amethyst lowers stress and tension, calms irritation, regulates mood swings, and alleviates aggression, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Amethyst Activates Spiritual Awareness

This priceless stone possesses exceptional healing and purifying properties. It accomplishes this by boosting a person's psychic talents and opening intuition.

Enhances Sobriety

It helps to keep a person's head clear when they've had too much to drink or overindulged in other behaviours that can lead to addiction. Amethyst accomplishes this by soothing the mind while stimulating the body, allowing people to remain attentive and aware of their surroundings.

Insomnia Relief

With Amethyst in place, you can count on getting plenty of rest at night. It also aids with recalling and comprehending dreams.

Hormone Production

Amethyst is beneficial to overall metabolism, particularly in bringing balance to the endocrine system by helping in the active generation of hormones for utilisation in the body.

Boosting The Immune System

Amethyst aids the body's ability to fight and eliminate illnesses. This stone helps in blood purification, reducing physical, emotional, and psychic discomfort or stress. Amethyst is beneficial to those with cell disorders, ailments of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin issues, and digestive system diseases.

Guards Against Psychic Attack

Wearing the protective Amethyst crystal protects against pain, including spiritual assault and those caused by external causes like people.

Uses of Amethyst

Here are a few ways to include amethysts into your life if you want to try out the purported healing benefits for yourself:

  • In your pocket or purse, keep a tiny amethyst crystal.
  • Amethyst crystals or geodes can be used to decorate your home.
  • Wear amethyst-based jewellery, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring.

Alternative medicine practitioners can use amethysts and other crystals in healing by placing them throughout the body. They could also stick them to the regions of the body that correspond to different chakras or energy pathways. Crystals can also be used in the following ways:

  • Bringing them along with you
  • Consuming water from crystal-infused bottles (best to purchase from a trusted manufacturer)
  • Soaking them in a tub (just make sure the crystal can be in the water)
  • Holding the crystal and voicing a wish or hope are examples of manifesting.
  • Meditating

Crystals are thought to absorb energy. Therefore it's best to cleanse them after each use.

Amethyst Care

Amethyst is a firm, solid stone with a Mohs hardness rating of 7. Its toughness does not guarantee its durability. If it has accidents and comes into touch with an object of the same hardness, it may scratch or chip. Abrasion and breaking can also occur due to a fall or accident, depending on the severity of the impact. It's best to avoid wearing Amethyst jewellery while undertaking physical activities like sports, games, or housework.

The gemstone should also be kept in the dark storage chamber or jewellery box. Avoid placing in direct sunlight or areas with excessive light. Amethyst stone fades when exposed to light. A sudden shift in temperature can break Amethyst. Damage occurs when something is too cold or too hot.

Amethyst Cleansing

Amethyst, like any other gemstone, is vulnerable to cleaning treatments such as acid, alkaline solutions, or ammonium fluoride. It is recommended to use water and a light soap or detergent to clean it. You should use cleaning brushes with delicate bristles. Softly clean it in circular strokes without exerting pressure.

It's also worth noting that prolonged exposure to hot or cold water can destroy gemstones, so clean them as soon as possible and avoid soaking them in soap or water. Before keeping the stones, let them air dry.

Cleaning jewellery with technology produces astounding results. Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners use technology to care for our jewels, saving us a lot of time and work—ultrasonic jewellery cleaners clean jewels using ultrasonic sound waves. Cleaning instructions or a handbook are supplied depending on the brand or manufacturer.

Other Popular Crystals And Their Uses

Those who use crystals for healing can choose from hundreds of different gemstones. The following are some of the most popular types:

  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz has been used to clear the mind and heal the body for thousands of years.
  • Rose Quartz: The rose quartz stone, with its rosy colour, is considered to open up the heart chakra, encouraging love and forgiveness.
  • Jasper: Red jasper is said to increase motivation and creativity.
  • Obsidian: Obsidian is a stone to protect you from negative energy, stress, and anxiety.
  • Citrine: This is a "manifestation stone" whose characteristics aid in manifesting wants and hopes. It's also a stone representing happiness and positivity.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is a well-known blue stone that has been used for centuries for healing, protection, and good fortune. The therapeutic properties of turquoise are amplified when given as a gift.
  • Tiger’s eye: This gem is thought to increase creativity and give you the courage to express yourself.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone is supposed to aid in the commencement of new endeavours and bring prosperity and good fortune.
  • Bloodstone: Bloodstone is supposed to boost vitality and assist you in achieving personal or professional objectives.
  • Sapphire: These gems are said to bring protection and strength; they may, for example, boost your intuition and willpower.
  • Ruby: Heart health, as well as energy, concentration, and creativity, are said to be enhanced by red rubies.

Other crystals, like amethysts, lack scientific evidence to support their healing qualities. These studies may be challenging to design, which may explain why there are so few. Amethysts have mental and physical healing abilities, although there is no scientific proof to back this up. Regardless, they are lovely, vivid, and attractive stones that may assist you in concentrating your energy for meditation.

Amethysts can be found in most natural health stores, the internet, and jewellery stores.

Healing Crystals

Crystals are beautiful and mystical, pique one's interest. They could be one of the most prominent alternative medicine developments. Some people believe that holding crystals or placing them on various body parts might provide physical and emotional advantages. According to the theory, crystals interact with the body's energy field to create balance and alignment.

Many individuals think that crystals can heal bodily disorders and illnesses, while others utilise them to relieve stress and focus. How much of the belief that crystals can heal the body is true?

Let's look at crystal history, lore, and the science underlying them to address that question.

Crystal History

A group of minerals known as crystals. They're lovely, semi-rare stones, some of which are clear and others with vibrant colours. The usage of crystals for well-being has a long history, according to Jude Polack, founder and director of bewater, a firm that distributes crystal-infused water bottles.

"Archaeological finds suggest that amber was used in the UK 10,000 years ago for protection and well-being," she explains. "Crystals were employed for prosperity and health in Ancient Sumer." Multiple stones were utilised for medical and ritual purposes in Egypt, according to Polack, including:

  • Emerald
  • Carnelian
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Quartz
  • Turquoise

According to Polack, Leonardo da Vinci supposedly kept an amethyst gemstone on his desk because it "dispels negative thoughts and speeds up thinking."

Crystal Science

There is almost no proof that crystal healing works in science.

  • Pierre and Jack Curie, two physicists, discovered in 1880 that raising the temperature of crystals and applying pressure to them could produce electricity.
  • The piezoelectric effect is what causes this. It's found in things like:
    • Sonar
    • Quartz watches
    • Microphones
    • Medical implants
    • Inkjet printers
  • According to the Curie brothers ' research, holding crystals may have a small effect on the body's energy levels, though whether that effect has healing power is still up for debate.
  • C.C. French presented another study on crystals and healing at two international conferences in 1999 and 2001, but it was never published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • In the study, 80 people were randomly assigned to receive real or fake crystals. Six persons reported they were unaffected. Others noticed a difference in their energy levels.
  • To put it another way, the knock-off crystals were just as effective as the genuine article, showing that the placebo effect was at work.
  • "It is suggestive that the power of crystals is in the mind instead of in the crystals." psychologist Richard Wiseman said to The Telegraph.
  • According to some crystal healers, the placebo effect gives crystals genuine effectiveness.
  • According to certain studies, crystals can generate an electrical charge, but that's about it.
  • While it's unclear how much crystals influence your energy field, many people believe they are good.
  • We may never know if crystals help us because of their energy or the placebo effect. Still, as long as you don't neglect medical treatment, crystals could be a beneficial addition to your wellness routine.

Crystal Lore

Alternative medicine practitioners believe these stones have actual healing properties. According to popular belief, Crystals interact with the body's energy fields, also known as vibrational energy. With their distinct energetic frequencies, crystals are said to be able to redirect and re-channel energy flow, assisting in the unblocking of "stuck" parts of the body or energy field.

"Crystals have powerful healing properties, and when we touch them, healing begins right away," explains Eva Antoniadou, a cosmic energy healer.

The body is stated to feel focused, relaxed, and clear once the crystal vibrations connect with the body's inherent energetic frequency. According to Polack, "crystals collect energy from pressure and movement and transform it to an electrical frequency." "When working with crystals, users rely on this frequency, which is unique to each type of crystal. Considering that many pain and anxiety treatment devices work on similar principles, we feel they can aid in these areas."

Electrical current can be used to treat pain and other illnesses in a variety of ways, including:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Any frequency a crystal would transmit would be minuscule compared to these medicines.

What works and what does not?

If you're considering including crystals into your wellness routine, be realistic about what they can and can't achieve.

Mental Health Disorders

Crystals are sometimes used to treat mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

  • Crystals have no scientific evidence of affecting energy, emotions, or mental health. With crystals, you should not treat anxiety, depression, or other diagnosable diseases.
  • Instead, use them to help you feel centred and grounded while still following your doctor's or psychologist's advice.
  • Plus, even if the placebo effect is in effect, it's never a bad idea to use crystals if you think they're helping.
  • Crystals can be used for support rather than treatment.
  • Improving outlook or mood: When you're feeling low or anxious, crystals might also help.
  • Crystals can assist you in improving your mood and helping you with mental health issues. You can use them to elicit feelings such as:
    • Spiritual meaning
    • Connection
    • A sense of something greater than yourself
    • Grounding
    • Purpose

It is more likely due to your bond with the crystal than itself.

Pain and Illness

While some crystal healers believe crystals can help with real-life physiological problems, no scientific evidence proves this claim. "We never recommend utilising crystals to treat disease or damage, but many people do," Polack explains. While utilising crystals is unlikely to harm you, consult your doctor if you have a physical injury, persistent pain, or disease. The more help you have from numerous modalities, the better. That's not to suggest that crystals can't be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Crystals and Meditation

The placebo potential of crystals can be combined with the scientific evidence behind meditation to have a good effect.

  • Mindfulness meditation (MM) showed a much more significant benefit in alleviating military-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than control conditions, according to a 2021 review.
  • In a 2021 study of 53 teenagers in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, MM was proven to be an effective and reasonably quick anxiety reduction strategy. The study also discovered that MM is beneficial for psychotic symptoms.
  • If you believe crystals have healing properties, including them in your meditation practice is almost certainly a winning mix. If you're unsure or cautious about crystals, don't use them and instead meditate.
  • Overall, holding a crystal for a few moments may have a mild, scarcely detectable effect on your energy.
  • It will encourage you to slow down, breathe deeply, and concentrate on a single task. This contemplative technique will almost certainly make you feel more at peace.

Some investigations suggest that crystals can generate an electrical charge, but that's about it. While it's uncertain how much this influences your energy field, many individuals believe that using crystals is beneficial. "Ultimately, in our experience, stones are as unique in their potential effect as the person utilising them," Polack says. We may never know if crystals benefit us because of their energy or the placebo effect. Nonetheless, as long as you don't neglect medical treatment, crystals could help your wellness routine.

Ethical Sourcing

It is critical to ensure that every crystal you add to your collection is ethically obtained. It will help to prevent fakes and over-mining. Many crystals are formed on the earth's surface and can take thousands of years to create. It indicates that they are a limited resource. If in doubt, inquire about the crystal's origins and request proof of authenticity for scarce stones. Many sellers are dedicated to sustainably acquiring their crystals and are ready to share their methods.

The best crystal-buying alternatives are:

  • Modest, independent stores where you can touch, feel, and inquire about the goods
  • Rare crystal dealers who provide proof of authenticity
  • Merchants who share information about the origins of their gems
  • Retailers with reasonable prices because less isn't always better.

According to certain studies, crystals can generate an electrical charge, but that's about it. While it's unclear how much crystals influence your energy field, many people believe they are good. Most medical physicians and scientists see crystal therapy as a pseudoscience despite its recent popularity.

Crystal healing has never been the outcome of a so-called energy flow in the body; hence there are no scientific shreds of evidence that it can be utilised to cure ailments. Furthermore, no scientific research has proved that you may use the chemical makeup or colour of crystals and stones to treat a specific condition. We may never know if crystals help us because of their energy or the placebo effect. However, as long as you don't disregard medical therapy, crystals may benefit your overall health.





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