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IoST-5G&B 2021 : 1st ACM Workshop on Recent Trends of Internet of Softwarized Things

Nara, Japan
Submission Deadline: Aug 09, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Sep 14, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Oct 20, 2020


The interest in Internet of Softwarised Things is evident from the growing number of conferences and workshops dedicated to the topic, as well as in special issues of journals including industrial applications (i.e., increased interest in the use of 5G across many applications and significant investment by different industries in their development).

This workshop will serve as a forum for sharing experiences and findings relating to protocol design, real testbeds, experimental evaluation, prototyping and empirical characterization of security, privacy, QoS, QoE and other relevant issues in IoST. This workshop will also focus on techniques, experiences and lessons-learned with respect to the state-of-art solutions for 5G and B5G and IoST along with some open challenges. The workshop welcomes regular papers and poster proposals for demonstrations of novel work / work-in-progress in this emerging technology. It is also encouraged to submit research works related to development of testbeds, measurement platforms, and innovative prototypes.

Call For Paper

We seek original and high-quality submissions on, but not limited to, one or more of the following topics:

· APIs, protocols and algorithms for the management of softwarized IoT

· Low latency and Dynamic bandwidth allocation softwarized IoT

· Security Measurements in softwarized IoT

· Security in Network Slicing architectures

· Blockchain in distributed SDN in 5G & B5G

· AI/Machine learning for softwarized networks

· Federated Learning for softwarized edge networks 5G & B5G

· Interpretable Machine Learning for softwarized networks in 5G & B5G

· (De-)composition of virtualized network and service functions

· Service Functions Chains (SFC) modeling, representation and management in 5G & B5G

· Network slicing and slice management in 5G & B5G

· Efficient network and service monitoring

· QoS/QoE-based management and control in softwarized networks

· Debugging and introspection of softwarized networks

· Measurements and benchmarking in softwarized networks

· Network Scalability Measurements for softwarized networks in 5G & B5G

· Controller Placement Problems for softwarized networks in 5G & B5G

· Energy Efficient IoST deployments for 5G & B5G

· Intelligent Network Resource Allocation in 5G & B5G network

· Edge, Dew, Fog Computing for softwarized networks in 5G & B5G

· Network and service automation in 5G & B5G

· Algorithms for efficient orchestration in 5G & B5G

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