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Cyber Threats and Compliance to Regulati 2020 : Effective Enterprise Protection from Cyber Threats and Compliance to Regulations

Online Webinar
Event Date: Feb 25, 2020 - Feb 25, 2020
Submission Deadline: Feb 25, 2020


This webinar's objective is to provide an analysis of the current situation in cyber security, risk management and compliance, pointing out deficiencies in most organizations and the options to consider in developing an "effective" C-level organizational structure to improve an organization?s ability to be readier to deal with cyber security, risk assessment and compliance to regulatory mandates.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Today's increasingly complex domestic and global cyber-attacks plus a strong regulatory environment require well-structured organizational functions to achieve effective, enterprise-wide Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) programs.

The incidence of minor and major cyber security attacks along with the never-ending novel ways being devised by cyber interlopers is reaching alarming proportions. These cyber-attacks are being perpetrated not only by domestic internal and external perpetrators but, often, by international cyber attackers and foreign government agencies for malicious purposes, personal gain or to engage in industrial espionage and critical proprietary knowledge theft.

The Board, the CEO and senior line and staff executives, who are ultimately responsible, are unable to directly deal with the massive problem. Senior management and the Board need and want credible information on the company's status of Governance, Risk management and Compliance programs and how is the enterprise organized to address the wide variety of cyber risks that can impact its profitability, its business continuity, its compliance to regulatory mandates and its reputation.

Organizationally, the protection functions such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and, more recently, the Chief Data Officer (CDO), are fractionated with overlapping roles and responsibilities. There is a lack of coordination on the critical cyber risk issues. Their individualized protection programs are highly insular and scattered across the enterprise without any semblance of coordination and uniformity in approach and with plenty of costly overlaps.  

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Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The plethora of threats and risks from cyber and other threats and attacks and their adverse impact on organizations.
  • Present deficiencies on how organizations are structured to deal with cyber and other threats with a multiplicity of C-level and lower level organizational units set up to address security threats.
  • Need for a significant "review" of how your organization is currently set up to effectively deal with the dangerous incidence of cyber threats. Ensuring that the review establish how the prevailing Information, IT and risk management functions of a company should be restructured and better defined to prevent, minimize, ameliorate and remediate the damage from current and future cyber-attack incidents.
  • Review how current organizational units? functional charters are highly specialized and insular in their approach to address cyber and other compliance risks.
  • A discussion of the options enterprises could consider to reorganize their enterprise-wide cyber and other threats. The need to reorganize for better coordination amongst organizational units to achieve meaningful enterprise-wide cyber and other attacks? protection to enhance protection and minimize duplication.
  • Organizational structures depend on the size, complexity and vulnerability of a given organization to cyber and other types of threats which may require different protection function arrangements. 

Who can Benefit:

  • CEOs, Board members and Audit or Corporate Governance Committee Members
  • CFOs, Controllers and Accounting professionals
  • CIOs, CTOs and IT professionals
  • Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs),
  • Chief Risk Officers (CROs)
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs),
  • Chief Data Officers (CDOs)
  • Legal Counsel, Human Resources and Public Relations
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Senior Risk Management and Operational Risk Officers
  • Consultants and risk, compliance and governance advisors
  • Compliance specialists
  • Compliance, risk management and governance product vendors
  • Any line manager or employee responsible for developing and deploying governance and compliance programs
  • Quality Assurance Managers 


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