WInnComm 2019 : Wireless Innovation Forum Summit on Wireless Communications Technologies
WInnComm 2019 : Wireless Innovation Forum Summit on Wireless Communications Technologies

WInnComm 2019 : Wireless Innovation Forum Summit on Wireless Communications Technologies

La Jolla, CA
Event Date: November 20, 2019 - November 21, 2019
Submission Deadline: July 10, 2019
Notification of Acceptance: July 31, 2019
Camera Ready Version Due: October 31, 2019

Call for Papers

Attracting attendees from all aspects of the advanced wireless radio value chain, WInnComm is the ideal place to network and make an impact. Submit your abstract now and be a part of the only event devoted to the advancement of radio technologies from research through deployment.

This is the premier venue to network with and learn from the leading innovators in the advanced wireless market to gain a functional knowledge of relevant emerging opportunities and technologies.
WInnComm will include three tracks, with one based on the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Top Ten Wireless Innovations.

Presentations will be 25 minutes in duration, including questions. The event is presentation only with the option to submit a full paper. Event proceedings containing all presentation materials and any associated papers will be made available to attendees and published online for future reference.

Presentations proposals for each track must include an abstract, author information, the topic area, and sufficient information to validate the quality and technical depth of the proposal.

Submissions are made via EDAS:

Important Dates:
Abstracts Due: 10 July 2019
Abstracts Accepted Notification: 31 July 2019
Tutorial/Demo Abstracts Due: 14 August 2019
Initial Program Announced: 15 August 2019
Final Presentations Due: 30 October 2019
Proceedings available for registrants: 7 November 2019

Submit your abstract in the following tracks:
The global race to 5G is heating up. Is 5G real, is it hype, or is it some combination of the two? WInnComm is soliciting technical and policy presentation submissions related to 5G and its role in meeting future demand for broadband, co-existence, and spectrum sharing. 5G topic areas include but are not limited to:
- Early experiences in 5G deployments
- Status of 5G around the world
- 5G spectrum comparison: mmW vs below 6 GHz
- 5G support for co-existence and interference mitigation
- Propagation for 5G

Embedded Software Systems/Portable Software Based Applications
The cost effective migration of applications between platforms supplied by different vendors continues to be a topic of discussion and evaluation. This topic focuses on approaches, solutions and recommendations in the embedded software defined systems domain that support the goal of application portability between varying architectural structures.

WInnForum Top 10 Innovations
(Innovation #1 and #2) Machine Learning AI Spectrum Management: In the next decade, it is anticipated that the spectrum management ecosystem will experience a paradigm shift by relying extensively on spectrum knowledge, which will leverage the application of data science (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining) to spectrum and related data, to perform proactive dynamic spectrum management in order to optimize spectrum utilization and foresee spectrum demand. Ultimately, a machine learning AI spectrum management system will be capable of adapting its prediction and decision-making through machine learning, in order to capture changes and adapt to the RF environment and related spectrum usage parameters.

(Innovation #3) Novel Propagation Models for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing: To enable next-generation, high-capacity mobile wireless networks to dynamically share radio spectrum with incumbent users, faster and more accurate propagation prediction techniques are needed to perform real-time interference calculations in support of automated frequency assignment. Networks will consist of many moving and spectrally and/or directionally agile nodes, which mean that propagation conditions can be subject to rapid variations; typically, these nodes are also concentrated in urban environments.

(Innovation #4) Wireless Technology for Self-Driving Cars: What is needed to support vehicular communications is the formulation of a flexible, extensible, and secure transportation communications framework. Such a framework will enable a competitive ecosystem of service providers, manufacturers, and deployment services to collaborate and develop best deployment practices. This framework needs a common language, technical expectations, security mechanisms, and open interfaces. End-to-end response time of 1ms or less will be needed and will become the key technical driver in designing the architecture and implementing of the vehicular communication system.

About the Event:
In its 17th year, the Wireless Innovation Forum Summit on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (WInnComm) attracts attendees that include investors, commercial network operators, radio manufacturers, system integrators, government procurement officials, regulators, engineering service providers and consultants from across the globe.

Past Attendees
Equipment Manufacturers, Network Providers and Other Acquisition Authorities
Investors, Regulators and Analysts
Researchers and Technology Developers

Credits and Sources

[1] WInnComm 2019 : Wireless Innovation Forum Summit on Wireless Communications Technologies

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