(Re)centering Education 2024 : (Re)centering Education Interdisciplinary perspectives on philosophies, methodologies, technologies and goals in teaching and learning
(Re)centering Education 2024 : (Re)centering Education Interdisciplinary perspectives on philosophies, methodologies, technologies and goals in teaching and learning

(Re)centering Education 2024 : (Re)centering Education Interdisciplinary perspectives on philosophies, methodologies, technologies and goals in teaching and learning

Event Date: September 19, 2024 - September 20, 2024
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2024
Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 2024

Call for Papers

La Sapienza University, Inter-University Research Center “Pragmatism, Construction of Knowledge and Education” and Francis Bacon Foundation look forward to hosting this international conference in Rome on 19 and 20 September 2024.

We call on scholars, researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds to join an interdisciplinary discussion platform for (re)centering learning and education on human beings in a comprehensive, holistic view. We invite contributions from several adjacent fields, including (yet not limited to) pedagogy, philosophy, history, literature, psychology, neurology, linguistics, computer science, ecology, sociology, anthropology and others.

Conference Theme

The interest in questions related to education is higher than ever. The rapid transformation of society in its political and cultural orientations, in its working needs, in its values and sensitivity, influences and pushes educational institutions to innovate and adapt. This does not necessarily imply the development and improvement of educational models, and/or change and improvement in the means, modalities and places of teaching and learning.

New problems and needs arise and require transdisciplinary research, reflection and action. Old and new educational models and philosophies are called to rethink their own foundations and characteristics, responding to present needs and critical issues.

Professional training and professionalization, as well as the issue of “job placement”, are increasingly gaining ground in curricula and policies. At the same time researchers, teachers, and educators point to the importance of educating human beings in their wholeness (Secco 2022; Nuñez and Goulah 2021; Pesci 2014; Garrison 2012), including the development of moral and social, civic and cultural, psychological and even spiritual skills (Ikeda 2021; Dewey 2008a, 2008b, 2008c; hooks 1994; Noddings 1992; Piaget 1972; Freire 1970).

The conference invites participants to reflect on questions such as:

- How do the works of these (and other) authors, written within a specific historical and cultural horizon, speak to us today?
- What is their relevance for individuals, contexts, and conditions of teaching and learning?
- How do the works of these (and other) authors speak to the theoretical underpinnings of education policies and methodologies in force?

Conference Scope

This international forum invites scholars, researchers and practitioners to analyze and consider different educational models – old and new models, focused on practical-operational skills and/or critical knowledge and capabilities, and/or the person as a whole etc. – in reference to the innovations, changes, critical issues and new challenges that society and education present today. We want to pay particular attention to educational philosophies and perspectives that aim to (re)center education at all levels in a holistic view.

This conference seeks to bring together different traditions and perspectives, opening a space for transdisciplinary dialogue. It will feature invited keynote presentations by leading scholars as well as submitted papers, organized in thematic panels.

As we stand at the intersection of diverging, stringent needs, we invite scholars, researchers and practitioners to (re)read and (re)interrogate existing visions of teaching and learning, including those of John Dewey, Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Daisaku Ikeda, Maria Montessori, Neil Noddings, Jean Piaget, Maria Zambrano, among others, and thus contribute to (re)centering education.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposal submissions are blind reviewed. Proposals should be of 500-600 words in length and include:
● Title of the presentation (15-word limit)
● Name and institutional affiliation of the presenter(s)
● 400-600-word Summary of the presentation, addressing under separate headings:
- key aspects of theoretical frames and/or arguments,
- research design and methods,
- findings and implications
● Full references [APA]

Please submit your proposal to [email protected].
Submission deadline is May 15, 2024. Authors will be notified in mid June.

Accepted submissions: authors should prepare papers for 18 minute presentations. Each presentation will be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Institutions: Sapienza University of Rome (IT) / Inter-University Research Center “Pragmatism, Construction of Knowledge and Education”, Rome (IT) / Francis Bacon Foundation (Pistoia, IT) / DePaul University, Chicago (IL) / Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education (Chicago, IL) / Tre University of Rome (IT) / University of Cagliari (IT)

Organizing Committee: Furio Pesci, Jason Goulah, Alessandro Pagnini, Giulia Pellizzato, Vinicio Busacchi

Scientific Committee:
Guido Baggio (Roma Tre University)
Vinicio Busacchi (University of Cagliari)
Jason Goulah (DePaul University)
Nozomi Inukai (DePaul University)
Toko Itaya (DePaul University)
Alfonso Maurizio Iacono (University of Pisa / Francis Bacon Foundation)
Thomas Noel (DePaul University)
Stefano Oliverio (University of Naples Federico II)
Alessandro Pagnini (Francis Bacon Foundation)
Giulia Pellizzato (Harvard University)
Furio Pesci (Sapienza University of Rome)
Maura Striano (University of Naples Federico II)
Chiara Trebaiocchi (University of Harvard)

Registration Committee and logistics: Dr. Lorenzo De Donato (Unitre Institute, Milan).

Credits and Sources

[1] (Re)centering Education 2024 : (Re)centering Education Interdisciplinary perspectives on philosophies, methodologies, technologies and goals in teaching and learning

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