ML SA 2021 : Application of Machine Learning in Smart Agriculture
ML SA 2021 : Application of Machine Learning in Smart Agriculture

ML SA 2021 : Application of Machine Learning in Smart Agriculture

ABES Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad
Submission Deadline: May 01, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: May 31, 2021
Camera Ready Version Due: July 01, 2021


This book is based on Applications of Machine Learning (ML) in Smart Agriculture. Agriculture is an area where a lot of smart work is needed. Agriculture plays a very pivotal role in the global economy of any country. Due to the increase in the population, there is constant pressure on the agricultural system to improve the productivity of the crops. So, from the same land it is not possible to improve the productivity without using the smart solutions. Machine Learning applications are need for the same.

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The topics covered in the edited book will include, but not limited to:

Part 1: Fundamentals of Smart Agriculture

Topic 1. Machine learning based Agriculture

  • Role of machine learning in agriculture

  • Component of machine learning

  • Basic of predictions

  • Water level management

Topic 2: Monitoring agriculture essentials

  • Soil monitoring and management

  • Daily dew point temperature

  • Soil drying

  • Crop quality prediction

  • Yield prediction

  • Weed detection methods

Topic 3: Livestock management in agriculture

  • Livestock production

  • Animal welfare

  • Machine learning technique for livestock management

  • Animal weed management methods

Part 2: Market, Technology and products

Topic 4: Agriculture Economics

  • Prediction of Crop price

  • Impact of GDP

  • Economical changes in Traditional Agriculture Vs Machine Learning Agriculture

  • Meteorology

Topic 5: Digital Marketing and its impact

  • Connection with Local Market using Android App

  • Daily marketing Price prediction

  • Direct selling price in small vendors market

  • Future price prediction of crop

Topic 6: Technology and products

  • Harvesting crops products and technologies

  • Field work management technologies

  • Human Resource Management

  • Blue River Technology–Weed Control

Part 3: Tools and Techniques

Topic 7: Modeling Techniques used in Smart Agriculture

  • Fuzzy logic

  • Artificial neural networks (ANN)

  • Neuro-fuzzy logic

  • Expert systems

  • Deep Learning approaches

Topic 8: Diseases detection

  • Different diseases detection method

  • Using Machine Learning for Image-Based Plant Disease Detection

  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for diseases detection

  • Automatic detection of diseases in leaves, neural networks application

Topic 9: Food Security

  • Care Behavior

  • Health Care

  • Goods Effecting Food Security

  • Private/Public transfers

Topic 10: Medicines Care Management

  • Education and Training as Intervention Strategies

  • The Agricultural Environment

  • Occupational and Environmental Health for the Health Professions

  • Agricultural Medicine: A Practical approach

Topic 11: Detection and diagnosis of plant diseases

  • Detection and diagnosis diseases

  • Current and Prospective Methods for Plant Disease Detection

  • Relationship Between Agriculture and Healthcare

  • Virus in the infected plant material

Topic 12: Machine Learning Technique for agriculture image recognition

  • Application of Image Processing in Agriculture

  • Use of Different Technologies of Image Recognition in Agriculture

  • Image sharpening and restoration

  • Image Retrieval

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[1] ML SA 2021 : Application of Machine Learning in Smart Agriculture

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