ICITM 2021 : 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management
ICITM 2021 : 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management

ICITM 2021 : 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Event Date: March 26, 2021 - March 28, 2021
Submission Deadline: November 10, 2020



ICITM Conferences look for significant contributions to all major fields of the Industrial Technology and Management in the oretical and practical aspects. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field. It will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of Industrial Technology and Management.

Call for Papers

It serves as a conduit for channelling advanced technology to industry. It brings together researchers, from industry and academia, active in industrial technological fields to discuss current developments and future perspectives. Therefore, the topics of this conference include, but are not limited to:

- Track 1 / Industrial Automation, Communication, Networking and Informatics

Building automation, factory automation and communications, flexible manufacturing systems, industrial vision, autonomous mobile robots, electrical vehicles, intelligent transportation, industrial agents, integrated systems and processes, distributed collaborative systems, human‐machine interfaces, security & safety applications, infrastructures for industrial informatics portable electronics, automation systems for power distribution, industrial applications of internet technologies, multimedia, wired and wireless communications, power line communications.

- Track 2 /Control Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics

Advanced control techniques, nonlinear and adaptive control, optimal and robust control, estimation and identification techniques, intelligent control, complex systems control, networked control, industrial control applications (e.g. smart grids, renewable energy systems, automotive, aerospace, shipping, biological systems, biomedical engineering, micro/nano systems), Mechatronics systems, robotics, autonomous mobile robots, telerobotics and teleoperation, humanoid robots, multi‐robot systems, intelligent transportation, distributed collaborative systems, security & safety applications, human‐robot interface, vision‐based robots.

- Track 3 /Electrical Machines and Drives

Special machines and actuators, multiphase motors, AC motor drives control and applications, observers and sensorless methods, electrical machine design and modeling, thermal, noise and vibration issues in electrical machines, reliability, testing and diagnostics, fault detection in machines and drives, motion control, special application of machines and drives, HVAC, advanced traction control of electric vehicles and electric trains, electrical drives for ships and for aerospace. Advanced techniques in real and off line simulation of industrial drives power system and electromechanical devices

- Track 4 /Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Conversion

Power converters, power electronic devices, SiC Mosfet & SiC JFET technologies, modulation techniques, integrated power electronics, modeling,simulation and control of power electronics, DC‐DC, DC‐AC, AC‐DC conversion, AC/AC matrix converters, multilevel converters, fault tolerant converters, high frequency links, soft switching techniques, active rectifiers, inverters, UPS, energy efficiency and storage, power electronics for smart grid, EMI and EMC issues. Wind, solar, and wave energy converters, nano, pico and micro‐hydro power generators, integrated renewable systems, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cells, advanced batteries, energy storage devices and systems, offshore underwater converters, electric transportation, energy harvesting.

- Track 5 /Power Systems and Smart Grids

Large and small hydro generators, energy transmission and distribution, static VAR and harmonic compensations, FACTs, active and hybrid filtering, power quality devices, power management, modeling, simulation and control of power system, grid interconnection, distributed power generation, diagnostics, smart grid technologies, intelligent control systems, multi‐agent systems, global and constrained optimization, electricity market liberalization.

- Track 6 /Sensors, Actuators and Micro‐Nanotechnology

Intelligent sensors, actuators and multi‐sensor fusion, micro‐sensors and micro‐actuators, micro‐nano technology, electronic instrumentation, micro‐electro‐mechanicalsystems(MEMS), RF systems integration, integrated optics and related technologies, polymer electronics, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, microfluidics, lab‐on‐chip devices and technologies, MOEMS, RF‐MEMS.

- Track 7 /Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software Engineering

Cloud computing, big data, data analysis and extraction, computer networking, communication protocols, telecommunication, algorithms, distributed systems, industrial database applications, service oriented architecture, service integration, communication standards, internetworking, mobile communication, information security and trust.

- Track 8 /Electronic Systems on Chip and Embedded Control

Real time simulation algorithms, DSP and FPGA technologies, microprocessor and FPGA based control, real time implementation and control, VHDL applications, embedded systems, real‐time distributed embedded systems, technologies for system design, electronic system on chip (SoC), design methodologies and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.

- Track 9 /Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence

Computer vision, virtual reality systems, industrial vision, virtual instrumentation, image & sound processing, digitalsignal processing, remote sensing, multimedia applications, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, industrial applications of intelligent controllers.

- Track 10 / Production Management

Scheduling and Line Balancing, Production Planning and Inventory Strategy, Total Quality Control and its Perspective, Process Design and Facility Layout Planning, Human Factors

- Track 11 / Advanced Production Management Methodologies

Lean Production, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Green Manufacturing, Reengineering in Industrial Management, Internet of Things

- Track 12 / Project Management

Network Techniques in Large Scale Project Management, Cost/Resource Control in Project Management, Theory and Practice of Project Management

- Track 13 / Research and Development

Management of Science and Technology, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Diffusion of Technology, Three Dimension Printing Related Issue

- Track 14 / Quantitative Analysis in Industrial Management

Decision Analysis and Decision Making, Applications of Mathematical Programming in Industrial Management, Fuzzy Set and its Applications in Industrial Management

- Track 15 / Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology in Industrial Management

Factory Automation and Industrial Robots, Knowledge-based Systems in Industrial Management, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),

- Track 16 / Practice and Experiences in Industrial Management

Joint Venture Management, Comparative Studies on Industrial Management among China, Japan and other Countries


- Track 17/ Digital Factory

Management over Internet, Manufacturing System Supported by Image Processing, Electric Commerce, System Simulation and its Applications in Management,

- Track 18 / Energy and Environment Management

Energy system optimization, Energy and environmental policy simulation, Low carbon economics

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ICITM 2021 : 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management will take place in University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. It’s a 3 days event starting on Mar 26, 2021 (Friday) and will be winded up on Mar 28, 2021 (Sunday).

ICITM 2021 falls under the following areas: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, MANAGEMENT, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, etc. Submissions for this Conference can be made by Nov 10, 2020.

Please check the official event website for possible changes before you make any travelling arrangements. Generally, events are strict with their deadlines. It is advisable to check the official website for all the deadlines.

Other Details of the ICITM 2021

  • Short Name: ICITM 2021
  • Full Name: 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management
  • Timing: 09:00 AM-06:00 PM (expected)
  • Fees: Check the official website of ICITM 2021
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Website Link:
  • Location/Address: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Credits and Sources

[1] ICITM 2021 : 10th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management

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