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ICAS 2021 : The Seventeenth International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems

Valencia, Spain
Event Date: May 30, 2021 - Jun 03, 2021
Submission Deadline: Mar 02, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: Apr 12, 2021
Camera Ready Version Due : May 01, 2021


ICAS 2021 conference tracks:

SELFTRENDS: Toward brain-like autonomic and autonomous systems

Adaptive robust resource allocation; Optimal self-organized collective actions; Collective adaptation; Active learning;  Opportunistic collaborative interactive learning; Adaption fairness; Social and biometric data-aware adaptation; Brain connectivity models;  Using unbalanced Datasets;  Quantum-inspired optimization; Automated (industrial) assembly environments; Deep neural networks; Multimodal knowledge of the brain; Self-organization in M2M infrastructures; Self-organizing socio-technical systems; Context-aware data self-adaptation; Multi-level loop encapsulation in smart systems; Uncertainty in self-adaptive systems; Adaptive Software defined systems (SDS) scalability; Adaptability in multi-tenant Clouds; Self-aware model-driven systems; Proactive self-adaptation; Self-adaptive urban traffic; Adaptive power profiling; Run-time for self-adaptive systems; Distributed adaptive systems; Self-improving system integration; Self-improving activity recognition systems; Feedback computing; Optimal feedback control; Dynamic adaptive applications; Self-managing Clouds;  Decentralized autonomic behavior; Market-adaptive trust;  Semantics of self-behavior;  Self-organizing patterns; Stability propagation in self-organizing systems; Inconsistency in self-deciding systems; Reasoning problems tractability; Decidability in self-organizing systems

ROBOTRENDS: Robot-related trends

Autonomous aquatic agents; Aerial autonomous robots; Drones control and management; Knowledge-based robot motions; Autonomous mobile robot interaction; Humanoid robots; Intelligent robots; Self-reconfigurable mobile robots; Humanoid imitative learning; Robots in unknown environments; Human centric robots; Adjustable robust optimizations; Moral autonomous agents and human evolution; Cognitive robotics; Robot partnership; Affective communication robots; Human-centric robotics; Visually-impaired and robots; Evolutionary swarm robotics; Robots and human advices; Universal robot hands

SOCIAL ROBOTS: Social robots and cognition

Human-robot interaction; Robot-robot interaction; Perception of a humanoid robots; Humanoid robots mediating social Interaction; Socially assistive robots; Conversational robots; Verbal Interaction; Human-robot touch interaction; Expressive interactions; Social emotions; Arts by humanoid robots;  Collaborative social robots; Game approaches; Human-robot interactive games; Robots co-worker partners;  Healthcare companion robots; Socially assistive robots;  Robot-assisted rehabilitation therapy; Child-robot interaction; Mobile assistive robots; Robots in public spaces; Shopping mall robots; Home utility robots; Robot-assisted cognitive training; Robot-based multimodal emotion recognition; Advertizign robots; Telepresence robots; Robot teleoperation; Robots' social credibility

MACHINE LEARNING: Advanced topics in Deep/Machine learning

Distributed and parallel learning algorithms; Image and video coding; Deep learning and Internet of Things; Deep learning and Big data; Data preparation, feature selection, and feature extraction; Error resilient transmission of multimedia data; 3D video coding and analysis; Depth map applications; Machine learning programming models and abstractions; Programming languages for machine learning; Visualization of data, models, and predictions; Hardware-efficient machine learning methods; Model training, inference, and serving; Trust and security for machine learning applications; Testing, debugging, and monitoring of machine learning  applications; Autonomous and robotics systems; Machine learning for systems.

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