BUSTECH 2021 : The Eleventh International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology

Porto, Portugal
Event Date: Apr 18, 2021 - Apr 22, 2021
Submission Deadline: Jan 19, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: Feb 28, 2021
Camera Ready Version Due : Mar 16, 2021


The term Business Intelligence (BI) covers a large spectrum of applications and technologies used to collect, store, interpret and decide on the information about company operations with the aim of helping corporate entities with a comprehensive status and knowledge on their business. BI is integrating with Warehouses (DWs), on-line analytic (OLAPS), corporate performance management (CPM), business process management (BPM), and other technology-oriented business solutions. Web technologies, semantics and ontology mechanisms are now used to mine, integrate and interpret distribute corporate data, either real-time or intermittent, by filtering noisy data, interpreting business data in context, enforcing trust and security in handling corporate data, and providing access to data from anywhere, at anytime, and via any media. The complexity, volume and intrinsic semantic of data needed for conducting business require a tailored IT infrastructure and advanced methodologies and technologies for timely building competitiveness by intelligent business decisions. With the large spectrum of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, sensors environments, and mobility there is a need for specialized supporting tools and business/technology decisions to optimize the business process and business performance.

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BUSTECH 2021 conference tracks

Trends in business & technology
BPM and Intelligence; Crowdsourcing; Open source intelligence; Partitioning confidential resources; Hybrid Clouds Challengies; Cooling on workload management; Scale enterprise computing; Data processing in encrypted domains; Security-intelligent lifecycle management; Portability of SOA applications; Multi-tenant SaaS Applications; Big Data workflows; Data Fusion as an Enterprise Service (DFaaES); Cost models for SDN and 5G technologies; Business processes for Internet of Things (IoT); Business processes for Internet of Drons (IoD); Business Big Data analytics; Business models for Mobile environments and Smart cities; Central data centers and nano data centers; Smart factories and Industry 4.0; Compliance on the organizational factors; MapReduce for Geo-distributed Big Data; Many-objective optimization; Virtualized Datacenters

Cloud-oriented business/technical trends
Cloud adoption factors; Business transformation based on cloud services; Economical semi-cloudification; Cloud application technologies; Power consumption in Mobile Cloud computing; Cloud quality assessment; Auditability and Security in Cloud-based services; Legacy application in clouds; Protecting business processes on the cloud; Cross-layers in Cloud Workflows; Multiple data stores cloud applications; Integration and orchestration for deployment of cloud applications

BPM and Intelligence
Intelligent information systems; Rule-based business intelligence; Intelligent decisions; Business rules and ontology; Business process intelligence; Business process automation; Workflow management; Process mining; Vocabulary rules semantics; Web Intelligence; Business computational intelligence; Decision Support Systems; Web 2.0/3.0 in business intelligence (Web warehousing, integration, mining, intelligence); Applying security in BPM

Crowdsourcing software models; Crowdsourcing theory development and designs; Crowdsourcing business models; Crowdsourcing ethics; Maintenance of crowdsourcing-based products; Innovations and open source; Data mining for crowdsourcing; Enterprise resource planning; Business to Business; Crowdsourcing-based Web technologies

Open source intelligence
Competitive intelligence; Web-based communities; User-generated content; Public data; Satellite observance; Professional and academic events; Open scientific libraries; Internet tools and resources for OSINT (Open source intelligence)

Integration and Interoperability
Empirical business research; Enterprise integration; Enterprise interoperability; Evolutionary business process; Real-time business intelligence;

Modeling and Simulation
Business process modeling and management; Business for micro, small and large enterprises; Business transactions for large-scale data; Structured and semi-structured processes; Semantics in business modeling; Multidimensional modeling and queries; Business performance management; Business process optimization; Business process simulation; Business process analysis and design; Collaborative, participative, and interactive modeling (CPI Modeling); Modeling methods and languages

Technology-oriented business solutions
Data warehouse evolution; Mobile business; Cloud-based business; Service-oriented business; Warehousing stream and sensor data; Health and remote medicine; Business-driven IT management; Data warehousing and industry applications (ERP, CRM, etc.); Business-driven Service Level Management; Business-driven dynamic provisioning; Business-driven inventory management; Business continuity management;

Business infrastructure and tools
Hierarchical and non-hierarchical business models; Project management; Business process and project management tools; Operational flexibility-agility; Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) ; Context-aware business process management

Features of business/technology development
Traceability and compliance; Business dynamics; Trust and security; Performance and scalability; Data quality and cleansing; Empirical evaluation of business processes; Reuse in business process management; Data warehousing consistency and quality; Usability and accessibility for business intelligence applications

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