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PLDT 2021 : Pandemic, Lockdown and Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Administration, NGOs and Businesses




Pandemics not only bring health concerns for any society, but it also affects government and business operations significantly. Recently, the widespread Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has significantly hampered the conventional businesses and organizations. COVID-19 started from Wuhan and transformed into pandemic and affected millions of human lives. Due to absence of any vaccination and its widespread many countries opted for lockdown policies to prevent the rapid flow of the disease. There have been varied opinions on the effectiveness of such lockdown in disease prevention, however, this has badly affected the business, NGOs and public organizations resulting in disruptions and/or increase of their operations.
In order to gain business continuity and help in solving challenges risen in pandemic situations, digital technologies are hyped as enablers. However, digital transformation is inherently a complex process and short adoption time pressure may result further complexities for organizations in fostering digital technologies.

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This book will include theoretical chapters and case studies from leading scholars and practitioners on the technology adoption practices of NGOs, governmental and business sector. Topics to be discussed in this book include (but are not limited to) the following:
•The Identification of Digital Transformation Challenges and Opportunities in solving pandemic situations
•Psychological and Technical Implications of pandemic situations
•Role of Technology in Business and Organization Continuity
•Strategic Management of Digital Infrastructure and Adoption in Pandemic Situations
•Economic, Organizational, Social and Legal Implications of Digital Adoption
•Supply Chain Management Implications with Digital Adoption
•Procurement and Marketing Challenges of Digital Adoption
•Customer Relation Management and Digital Technologies
•Citizens’ Relationship with Governments and NGOs through Digital Technologies in Pandemic Situations
•Implementation of emerging technologies for public information disclosure in pandemic situations.
•Impact of digital technologies on the Human Resource Management induced by pandemic situations
•Smart governance models in pandemic situations.
•Knowledge Management and Change Management in Digital Environment
•User and Citizen Experience with Digital Services in Pandemic Situations
•Digital Transformation Case Studies in Public Administrations, Health, Businesses, Education, Tourism, and NGOs

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