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MTEL 2020 : Multimedia Technologies for E-Learning

Event Date: Dec 02, 2020 - Dec 04, 2020
Submission Deadline: Oct 06, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Oct 23, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Oct 30, 2020


Due to its potential to make learning easier, more convenient, and more effective, education is one of the preeminent areas of applications for multimedia. Video capturing of lectures has become common practice to produce e-learning content. Simulations allow to explore experiments which would be too expensive or too dangerous to be conducted physically by students. Multimedia-powered demonstrations are freed from many physical restrictions such as the availability of an object to study or the timescale of an effect to observe. Teaching enriched by vivid presentations and possibility for interaction for students can also gain from improved learner’s motivation. Concepts may be given perceivable existence in a demonstration and the observability of important details can be augmented. With the present amounts of educational data produced, there is a high demand in techniques and methods capable of handling multimedia contents adequately. Educational content has to be presented, deployed, stored, navigated, searched, retrieved, edited, combined, and reused in a proper way. Furthermore, quality control and learning processes with feedback loops are considered to be important concepts for more effective and sustainable e-learning solutions. Multimedia technologies facilitate the evaluation, improvement, and assurance of quality in loopback controlled e-learning processes.

Call For Paper

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia in M-Learning and Learning Apps
    – Use of mobile devices for recording
    – Use of mobile devices for playback
    – Mobile devices and multimedia-based learning-apps or learning-games
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality in E-Learning
    – Augmented Reality application for immersive learning
    – Virtual Reality for explorative teaching
    – Machine Learning for adaptive content
    – Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)
  • Learning Analytics
    – Tools and Frameworks
    – Big Data approaches
    – Analysis Techniques
  • Academic Research Projects
    – Research Methodologies
    – Links between Education and Research
    – New Projects and Innovatio
  • Content Creation & Content Development
    – Solving the content dilemma
    – Quick-creation of multimedia learning content
    – Video- and animation-content for teaching
  • Lecture Recording, Multimedia Authoring & Classroom Methodology
    – Automated lecture recording and presentation techniques
    – Classroom note taking and whiteboard capturing and analysis
    – Multimedia authoring software for e-learning
  • Experiments, Laboratories
    – Simulations
    – Animations
    – Virtual laboratories
  • Multimedia Architectures, Repositories & Interfaces
    – Repositories for multimedia education
    – Architectures for user tracking
    – Technical infrastructures for large scale learning repositories
    – Big Data approaches
    – Information visualization and novel user navigation
  • Semantic Multimedia in e-Learning Scenarios
    – Context aware semantic analysis of e-learning content
    – Semantic modeling and ontological engineering for e-learning scenarios

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