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Med-Climate 2020 : The Mediterranean and climate change: Impacts, people, action

Event Date: Oct 28, 2020 - Nov 01, 2020


The International Oceans-Climate School will be an exploratorium*.  It is open to all stakeholders with an interest in the well-being of our oceans, especially the Mediterranean.  The School will be of interest to organizations that and people who have a stake in planning and acting for the future of the oceans, especially the future of the Mediterranean, as it will be shaped by accelerating global warming and climate change.

Call For Paper

The school will be an exciting opportunity for stakeholders to become more ocean-climate literate and skilled; they will:

  • learn about the complexity and interactions related to the climate impacts, human, biological and physical resources, sustainability, policy, governance, ethical dimensions, health issues and cultural diversity of the Mediterranean basin and its coasts under the impact of severe, inevitable global warming, driving climate change *;

  • become actors in the definition, building and writing of roadmaps** of policies and actions that need to be adopted and undertaken to adapt to and mitigate against climate change in the Mediterranean basin;

  • become familiar with methodologies, such as issues- and solutions-oriented foresight methods and data-driven, decision-focused, participatory simulation (Companion Modelling), that enable stakeholders to participate creatively, collectively and constructively to unravel the complex web of interrelated issues and to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty;

  • engage with, get to know and make friends with fellow stakeholders with a variety of views, problems to solve and solutions to offer;

  • break new ground in sharing, creating, learning about and promoting effective ways to engage people and communities to undertake positive action to mitigate and adapt to the ravages of climate change in the Mediterranean.

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