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PaCOS 2020 : The 4th International Workshop on the Synergy between Parallel Computing, Optimization and Simulation

Event Date: Dec 10, 2020 - Dec 14, 2020
Submission Deadline: Sep 21, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Oct 06, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Oct 16, 2020


Plenty of hard optimization problems in a wide range of areas such as health, manufacturing and production, logistics and supply chain management, energy, engineering, etc. are increasingly large and complex in terms of number of input parameters, decision variables, objective functions and landscape complexity. These problems are often tackled using optimization approaches including greedy algorithms, exact methods (dynamic programming, Branch-and-X, constraint programming, A∗, etc.) and metaheuristics (evolutionary algorithms, particle swarm, ant or bee colonies, simulated annealing, Tabu search, etc.). Solving efficiently and effectively large and complex problems requires the joint use of these approaches and massively parallel heterogeneous computing.

Call For Paper

The PaCOS workshop seeks to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their original contributions on the joint use of advanced single- or multi-objective optimization methods, simulation and/or its data-driven approximation, and distributed and/or parallel multi/many-core computing, and any related issues. The PaCOS topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Simulation-based optimization.
  • Parallel exact optimization/metaheuristics for solving complex problems on multi-core processors, accelerators/co-processors (e.g. GPU), clusters, grids/clouds, etc.
  • (Parallel) hybrid algorithms combining optimization and simulation.
  • (Parallel) surrogate-assisted optimization.
  • Implementation issues of methods combining optimization, simulation and/or parallel computing.
  • Software frameworks for the design and implementation of parallel and/or distributed simulation and/or surrogate-assisted techniques.
  • Simulation-based optimization applications including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, biological applications, advanced big data analytics, engineering design, etc.
  • Computational/theoretical studies reporting results on solving complex problems using the joint use of parallel computing, optimization and simulation.

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