ICPCSN 2021 : International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Social Networking

Narasu's Sarathy Institute of Technology, India
Event Date: Mar 19, 2021 - Mar 20, 2021
Submission Deadline: Jan 02, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: Jan 30, 2021


The rapid proliferation of communication technologies and software engineering practices have witnessed the fast-growing research interests in information and communication technologies and social networking, which tends to play an integral part in our daily lives. In recent times, pervasive communication collect and share the information generated by its users and their surrounding environments. In the other hand, the Social Networking practices help to strengthen the awareness on almost all the cyber, physical and social environments. The International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Social Networking [ICPCSN 2021] promotes the development of pervasive communication systems and pursuing Social Networking applications for communication platforms, networks and devices. ICPCSN 2021 aims to collaborate and promote state-of-the-art research works on the conceptual, constructive, empirical, theoretical and practical implementations of pervasive Computing and Social Networking methods for developing more novel ideas and innovations in the emerging Information and Communication Technologies [ICT].

Call For Paper

Pervasive Computing

  • Ubiquitous networking and sensing models
  • Smart interface design models
  • Data mining techniques
  • Smart crowdsourcing and intelligent models
  • Human-Computer Interaction models
  • Social intelligence and computing models
  • Adaptive Computing in Robotics systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models
  • Machine-to-Machine Communication
  • Intelligent user interface models
  • Brain-machine interaction
  • Pervasive wearable communication models
  • Deep Learning and Deep Computation
  • Smart Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
  • Smart systems [smart home, gaming, healthcare, Cities and transportation, etc.]
  • Smart Space Systems and Techniques
  • Autonomic Computing

Social Networking

  • Opportunistic networks Models and Applications
  • Internet of things and its Architectures
  • Wireless Sensor networks
  • RFID systems, design and Implementations
  • Big data and cyber-physical systems
  • Heterogeneous Multilevel Networks
  • Peer to Peer Social Networking Models
  • Web-based Semantic models and commodities
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Social Networking
  • Edge and Fog Computing in Social Networks
  • Context-Aware Mobile Social Networks
  • Smart authentication and authorization models
  • Cyber Security and Cyber-physical systems
  • Security Issues and Technical Challenges in Social Information Networks
  • Cloud Security models in Social Networks
  • BlockChain models in Social Information Networks

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