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PerIoT 2021 : The Fifth International Workshop on Mobile and Pervasive Internet of Things (co-located with IEEE PerCom 2021)

Kassel, Germany
Event Date: Mar 22, 2021 - Mar 26, 2021
Submission Deadline: Nov 09, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Jan 05, 2021
Camera Ready Version Due : Feb 05, 2021


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) rapidly revolutionized the scenario of modern technologies and communication systems. The IoT enables large numbers of previously unconnected devices to communicate and exchange data and deal with services that span areas from healthcare to transportation and much more, with the potential for significant benefits to people and quality of life. In recent years, the Internet has become increasingly pervasive allowing people to connect anytime and everywhere to achieve pervasiveness and mobility. The coupling among mobile technology, embedded objects, and a worldwide pervasive communication infrastructure constitutes the Mobile and Pervasive Internet-of-Things. However, the domain of mobile and pervasive IoT has expanded in recent years which lead to few new challenges like 1) IoT has quickly evolved to a new appified era where third-party developers can write apps for IoT platforms using programming frameworks, 2) with the advent of emerging IoT technologies like industrial IoT, agriculture IoT and narrowband IoT, new research problems are surfacing related to connectivity and data storage, and 3) the confluence of IoT with augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), there are newer challenges to enable digital representation of physical objects.

Call For Paper

Track 1: MPIoT Track - Mobile and Pervasive Internet of Things

  • Design of new protocols for existing and emerging IoT technologies
  • Analysis of protocols for existing and emerging IoT technologies
  • System architectures of existing and emerging IoT systems
  • Interoperability of existing and emerging IoT protocols
  • Machine Learning for existing and emerging IoT applications
  • Testing, Validation, Verification of existing and emerging IoT protocols Energy efficiency, performance and optimization in existing and emerging - IoT systems Vulnerability, fault-tolerance, and reliability in existing and emerging - IoT protocols
  • Cloud back-ends and resource management for IoT applications New connectivity methods for IoT (e.g. 5G Networks, Legacy Networks, - Software Defined Networks for IoT, Named IoT Networking)
  • IoT application for augmented and virtual reality
  • New protocols for pairing AR/VR with existing and emerging IoT Debugging and diagnosing problems in IoT protocols, existing and emerging - IoT technologies
  • Societal impacts of the existing and emerging IoT applications

Track 2: IOTProD Track - Real World and Production Deployment

  • IoT Real-World Deployments
  • IoT Connectivity Standards
  • Transition from research prototype to industry grade products
  • IoT Sustainability and Energy Awareness
  • IoT Privacy
  • Edge Computing deployments and architectures
  • Edge and Cloud interoperability and integration Digital Twin oriented approaches and cyber physical interaction - applications
  • Emerging AI techniques and adoption on large scale datasets
  • Application and case studies of 5G and IoT Tooling for debugging and diagnostics, monitoring and decreasing - operational costs while increasing system availability
  • IoT root cause and predictive analysis in large networks
  • Multi-region/multi-vendor autonomic adaptation
  • IoT systems of systems (large scale, multi-region, multi-use case)
  • Mobility challenges and Edge Computing Software Engineering and Architecture for IoT (reusability of AI models, - pay per feature, microservices)

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