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ICCR 2020 : 3rd International Conference on Control and Robots

Tokyo, Japan
Event Date: Dec 26, 2020 - Dec 29, 2020
Submission Deadline: Aug 15, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Sep 10, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Sep 30, 2020


The conference brings together World Class participants and young researchers looking for opportunities for exchanges that cross the traditional discipline boundaries and allows them to resolve multidisciplinary challenging problems that only a venue of this nature can offer. As it is the clear intent of the conference to offer excellent mentoring opportunities to participants, and I urge you all to take advantage of this conference. Through this highly advanced event we trust that you will be able to share the state-of-the-art developments and cutting-edge technologies in the broad areas of Control and Robots. The conference team including myself truly believes that active participants will find the discussion erudite and informative, and will enjoy the opportunity for sharing research results. We hope this success can develop into persistent success annually, in which there are presenters from all corners of the globe and all major countries.

Call For Paper

  • Activity/behaviour recognition
  • Hybrid Learning Systems 
  • Perception systems
  • Adaptive Signal Processing and Control 
  • Hybrid systems
  • Performance Evaluation and Optimization 
  • Applications 
  • Identification and estimation
  • Planning and Scheduling 
  • Autonomous Agents 
  • Image Processing 
  • Precision Engineering 
  • Biological Inspired Sensors 
  • Image/video analysis
  • Precision motion control
  • Biomedical Image analysis
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics 
  • Process control
  • Biometrics
  • Industrial Networks and Automation 
  • Production Planning, Scheduling and Control 
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Information-based Models for Control 
  • Quality Control and Management 
  • Change Detection Problems 
  • Instrumentation Networks and Software 
  • Real-Time Systems Control 
  • Cognitive Approach for Robotics 
  • Intelligent Components for Control 
  • Resources and Knowledge Management in Industry 
  • Collective and Social Robots 
  • Intelligent Design and Manufacturing 
  • Robot control
  • Complex systems
  • Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis 
  • Robot Design, Development and Control 
  • Computer and Microprocessor-based Control 
  • Intelligent systems
  • Robot sensing and data fusion
  • Computer-based Manufacturing Technologies 
  • Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems 
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Control and Supervision Systems 
  • Knowledge-based Systems Applications 
  • Robust control
  • Control applications
  • Lean Enterprise 
  • Scene analysis
  • Control engineering education 
  • Learning in vision
  • Search, rescue and field robotics
  • Control of biological systems
  • Localization, navigation and mapping
  • Sensor network systems
  • Co-operative control
  • Machine Learning in Control Applications 
  • Sensors Fusion 
  • Cost and Value Engineering 
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering 
  • Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control
  • Decision Support Systems 
  • Mechanical, Force and Tactile Sensors 
  • Signal Reconstruction 
  • Delay systems
  • Mechanism design and applications 
  • Soft Computing 
  • Dexterous manipulation
  • Mechatronics Systems 
  • Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems 
  • Discrete event systems
  • Medical robots and bio-robotics
  • Space and underwater robots
  • Distributed Control Systems 
  • Micro robots and micro-manipulation
  • Space and Underwater Robots 
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing 
  • Mobile Robots and Intelligent Autonomous Systems 
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering 
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control 
  • Mobile sensor networks
  • Surveillance, Fault detection and Diagnosis 
  • Evolutionary Computation and Control 
  • Modeling and identification
  • System Identification 
  • Facilities Planning and Management 
  • Modelling, Analysis and Control of Hybrid Dynamical Systems 
  • System Modelling 
  • Feature extraction, grouping and segmentation
  • Network Robotics 
  • Systems Modelling and Simulation 
  • Fuzzy Control 
  • Networked control systems
  • Tele-robotics
  • Fuzzy systems
  • Neural networks
  • Telerobotics and Teleoperation 
  • Genetic Algorithms 
  • Neural Networks based Control Systems 
  • Time-frequency Analysis 
  • Human centered systems
  • Nonlinear Signals and Systems 
  • Tracking and surveillance
  • Human Factors & Human-System Interface 
  • Nonlinear systems
  • Vehicle Control Applications 
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Optimization Algorithms 
  • Virtual Enterprises and Interoperability 
  • Human-Machine Interfaces 
  • Optimization Problems in Signal Processing 
  • Virtual Environment, Virtual and Augmented Reality 
  • Humanoid Robots 
  • Pattern recognition
  • Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction 
  • Human-Robots Interfaces 
  • Perception and Awareness

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