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PQMI 2020 : The Fifth International Workshop on Process Querying, Manipulation, and Intelligence

Padua, Italy
Event Date: Oct 05, 2020 - Oct 05, 2020
Submission Deadline: Aug 25, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Sep 14, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Sep 21, 2020


The Fifth International Workshop on Process Querying, Manipulation, and Intelligence (PQMI 2020) aims to provide a high-quality forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research findings and ideas on methods and practices in the corresponding areas. Process Querying combines concepts from Big Data and Process Modeling and Analysis with Business Process Intelligence and Process Analytics to study techniques for retrieving and manipulating models of processes, both observed and recorded in the real-world and envisioned and designed in conceptual models, to systematically organize and extract process-related information for subsequent use. Process Manipulation studies inferences from real-world observations for augmenting, enhancing, and redesigning models of processes with the ultimate goal of improving real-world business processes. Process Intelligence looks into application of the representation models and approaches in Artificial Intelligence (AI), like knowledge representation, search, automated planning, reasoning, natural language processing, autonomous agents, and multi-agent systems, among others, for solving problems in process mining, that is automated process discovery, conformance checking, and process enhancement, and vice versa using process mining techniques to tackle problems in AI.

Call For Paper

The main topics relevant to the PQMI workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Case studies in process querying, manipulation, and intelligence.
  • Empirical evaluations of process querying, manipulation, and intelligence techniques

Process Querying:

  • Domain-specific programming languages for process querying, including syntax, semantics, and notation
  • Process mining methods for implementing process querying tasks, e.g., retrieval of process-related information
  • Process querying methods for supporting process mining tasks, e.g., filtering and manipulating event logs
  • Behavioral and structural methods for process querying
  • Natural language querying for process querying
  • Exact and approximate process querying methods
  • Experience reports from implementations of process querying tools
  • Event log and event stream querying
  • Multi-perspective process querying methods, e.g., querying process resources, data, etc.
  • Process querying of big (process) data
  • Meta-models and architectures for process querying
  • Applications of process querying methods for process compliance, standardization, reuse, etc.

Process Manipulation:

  • Process querying for process redesign and improvement
  • Evidence-based and online process repair
  • Process correction, including label correction and log repair
  • Process redesign and improvement using rich ontologies and real-world event data
  • Process manipulations for ensuring privacy, anonymity, and quality
  • Management of process model repositories

Process Intelligence:

  • AI techniques for process discovery, conformance checking, and process enhancement
  • Process mining techniques for tackling problems in AI, like search, reasoning, and knowledge representation
  • Process mining artifacts as knowledge representations for solving AI problems
  • Process mining and multiagent systems
  • Process mining and automated planning
  • Simulation for event log generation
  • Genetic algorithms for process mining
  • Information retrieval methods for process mining

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