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InterCloud-HPC 2020 : Symposium on Cloud Computing and Services for High Performance Computing Systems

Barcelona, Spain
Event Date: Oct 26, 2020 - Oct 30, 2020
Submission Deadline: Jul 01, 2020


This symposium focuses on techniques, experiences, applications, and lessons learned for interoperable services in the cloud, particularly in the realms of high performance computing. For instance, HPC may be used for the construction of mathematical models and numerical solutions and techniques for solving scientific, socio-scientific and engineering problems. It often requires a huge number of computing and storage resources to perform large-scale analyses and experiments. Users could get access to their own virtualized HPC cluster in a self-service, dynamically scalable and fully configurable environment. Cloud computing can address many of the aforementioned concerns. Such a computing paradigm shift provides a flexible high performance computing environment. 

Call For Paper

The InterCloud-HPC Symposium topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Architectures for the Clouds
  • Fog and Edge Computing
  • Cloud Interoperability and Federation Protocols
  • Programming Models for HPC Clouds
  • Semantic Web Services Definitions for Clouds
  • Directory of Services for Clouds
  • Middleware Frameworks
  • Management of Interoperability and Federation for Clouds
  • Interoperable and Federated Cloud Security and Trust
  • Cloud Interoperability and Federation Governance and Regulatory
  • HPC Cloud-based Services
  • QoS/SLA in Interoperable and Federated Clouds
  • Converged Implementations of Clouds and Grids
  • Geo-balancing in Interoperable and Federated Clouds
  • Common Programming Models across Clouds
  • Cloud Broker, Exchange, Arbitrage architectures
  • Semantic Web for Clouds
  • Cloud Protocols
  • Virtualization Technologies and Techniques
  • Virtualization Techniques for HPC GPU/Multicore Systems
  • Management of Clouds
  • Performance Evaluation and Monitoring of HPC Clouds
  • Scalable Fault Resilience Techniques for HPC Clouds
  • Secure and Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing¬†
  • Cloud Application
  • Experiences and Lessons

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