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CSPPSG 2021 : Special Issue "Cybersecurity and Privacy-Preserving in Modern Smart Grid"

Submission Deadline: Feb 28, 2021


This Special Issue seeks to make an in-depth, critical contribution to this evolving field of cybersecurity in EPES. In the context of this Special Issue, we intend to bring together state-of-the-art research contributions providing new insights in securing the EPES from data breaches, managing threats, preventing and detecting cyber intrusions, and preserving sensitive and private information.

Call For Paper

The topics that can be addressed include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Intrusion detection systems and big data analytics for accurate anomaly detection for smart grids.
  • Cybersecurity mechanisms, tools, and frameworks in modern smart grids.
  • Anonymity in modern smart grids.
  • Privacy-preserving tools, frameworks, and schemes in modern smart grids.
  • Security information and event management in modern smart grids.
  • Privacy standards and certificates for smart grids and energy networks.
  • State of the art privacy-preserving mechanisms and techniques in smart grids and energy networks.
  • Modern and advanced access control schemes for modern smart grids for safeguarding energy network reliability and integrity.
  • Blockchain technologies for accessing and sharing energy data in modern smart grids.
  • Anonymous communication channels in smart grids and energy networks.
  • Trust management and mechanisms in modern smart grids.
  • Recent cybersecurity incidents and data breaches in smart grids and energy domains.
  • Security certification processes in electric smart grids.
  • GDPR-compliant mechanisms and schemes in critical infrastructure and modern smart grids.
  • Security information and event management tools for critical infrastructure and modern smart grids.
  • Light encryption and new cryptography methods in electrical power and energy systems.
  • Homomorphic encryption in modern smart grids and energy systems.
  • Big data analytics, machine learning tools, and deep learning techniques for anomaly detection in smart grids and energy systems.
  • Cyber threat intelligence management and sharing in smart grids.
  • Risk management in modern EPESs.
  • Security and privacy by design in smart grids.
  • Security metrics and evaluation in smart grids.
  • Deception mechanisms in smart grids

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