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Obra Digital 2020 : The role of communication in creating and maintaining a culture of corporate innovation

Submission Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Feb 25, 2021


The literature indicates that the elements of the culture that lead to greater innovation are: tolerance to failure, the willingness to experiment, psychological security, the culture of collaboration, the culture of recognition, continuous learning, the adhocratic culture with little hierarchy and horizontal communication, and a culture of orientation towards the end user, among others (Michaelis et al. 2018; Rao & Weintraub, 2013; Eisenmann et al. 2013; Pisano, 2019; Kuratko et al. 2014; Tian et al. 2018 ). On the other hand, we know that the process to create and maintain a culture of innovation is not easy, and that the leadership of collaborators or intra-entrepreneurs (employees who take the leadership of innovation), management support, and correct communication of strategy and culture are key (Deprez, et al. 2018; Soken et al 2014). However, we cannot clearly outline in the existing literature what is the role of communication in the formation and maintenance of the culture of innovation.

Call For Paper

Communication helps us shape social relationships through which we make sense of our reality and culture. In this sense, this Call for papers is intended to answer the following questions (without limitation):

  • What role does communication play in the formation and maintenance of a culture of innovation?
  • What communication tools can be used for this purpose?
  • How is or should this communication be, and where should it come from?
  • Can communication have an impact on the culture of innovation?
  • What type of communication has the most impact?
  • Is communication different when trying to create a culture than when you want to maintain it?
  • What is the role of communication when you want to create a culture of innovation based on experimentation, rapid learning, tolerance of failure, etc.?
  • Should communication be explicit to promote these elements? Or should it be more subtle?
  • Can we change, through communication, negative elements of the culture that induce less innovation?

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