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OGEL Energy Storage 2020 : Special Issue on the Law and Policy of Energy Storage

Submission Deadline: Sep 01, 2020


This OGEL Special Issue seeks to provide information on national and international legal, regulatory and policy approaches to storage of different sources of energy (including oil and gas, power and others as set out above), financing options and contractual choices adopted in this area. We encourage the submission of relevant papers, studies, and brief commentaries on various aspects of this subject. The topics may cover a wide range of issues such as regulation of storage under national laws, national support schemes for energy storage, contractual questions relating to storage as well as specific case studies.

Call For Paper

In particular, we are interested in contributions in the following areas:

  • Storage of oil products and the role of private and public sector
  • Policies, fiscal and other forms of regulation targeted to develop and implement cost-effective power storage
  • Contracting and tariff mechanisms available to price and regulate third party access to storage
  • Policies targeted to stimulate investment into all forms of storage and related commercial and contracting issues
  • Existing policy gaps in relation to energy storage and practical recommendations on how those gaps may be fille

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