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EYRE 2020 : 3rd International Workshop on EntitY Retrieval and lEarning

Galway, Ireland
Event Date: Oct 20, 2020 - Oct 20, 2020
Submission Deadline: Jul 24, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Aug 15, 2020


The intention of over half of Web queries is to find a particular entity, or entities of a particular type. Entities and structured representations (i.e., knowledge graphs) became popular in the recent past and hence, tremendous interest is in this area at the moment. Beyond the traditional text-based retrieval and learning problems, the recent surge in entity-centered structured data on the Web like Wikidata and progress in deep and machine learning techniques enable more powerful entity-centered solutions, but also bring new challenges. The hybrid exploitation of unstructured and structured data and their use in experiments ranging from traditional machine learning to advanced deep learning techniques have led to diversified involvement of researchers and practitioners in the areas of IR, Database, Semantic Web, and Machine and Deep Learning. This workshop series provides a platform where interdisciplinary studies of entity retrieval and learning can be presented, and focused discussions can take place.

Call For Paper

The workshop welcomes contributions related to any aspect of entity retrieval and learning, including theories, algorithms, experiments, and applications. Relevant topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Learning (rules and machine/deep learning) for entities and knowledge graphs

    • Learning to rank techniques for entities and knowledge graphs
    • Learning techniques for entity extraction/disambiguation/linking
    • NLP and embeddings for entity and knowledge graph based retrieval
    • Learning-based question answering over knowledge graphs
  • Retrieval models and ranking

    • Models for entity search, ranking, and crawling
    • Entity and knowledge graph based data integration
    • Recommendations using entities and knowledge graphs
    • Entity indexing mechanisms for efficient retrieval
  • Queries and query analysis

    • Entity-centered query understanding
    • Entity-centered query reformulation
    • Entity-centered query suggestion
    • Entity-centered query log analysis
  • User behavior and interfaces (proactive or reactive presentations)

    • User models for entity search
    • Interactive and personalized entity search
    • Entity summarization and information/knowledge cards
    • Visualization of entity-centered information
  • Domain-specific applications

    • Local, mobile, and enterprise entity search
    • Social networks in entity search
    • Multimedia entity search
    • Entity retrieval for domains and applications

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