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MAM 2020 : Material Appearance Modeling

London, United Kingdom
Event Date: Jun 29, 2020 - Jul 03, 2020
Submission Deadline: Jun 15, 2020




MAM 2020, the 8th annual Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling, will be held virtually (i.e. via electronic platforms rather than physically) June 29, 2020 just prior to EGSR 2020. Position papers are due June 15, 2020.

Call For Paper

Types of position papers include (but are not restricted to, just write and ask if in doubt!):

Submissions comparing methods for creating/editing bsdf/btf, measuring appearance or fitting data to appearance models

Many systems have been proposed for creating/editing materials, measuring existing ones and fitting data to appearance models. Comparisons of existing editing systems, acquisition systems, or model fitting methods can be very useful for uncovering areas where additional research is needed.

Submissions proposing/comparing nomenclature for appearance

There are various aspects of the vocabulary we use to describe appearance. We can potentially develop a very precise vocabulary for describing code that is implemented for different scattering functions. Can we develop a vocabulary that is useful for material design?

Submissions from industrial users or potential users of digital material models

Suitable topics of this type include description of practical applications of digital models and problems that have been encountered. Are there some materials that aren't possible to model with current methods? Do some software systems fail to successfully predict appearance? Are there some desirable editing operations that aren't possible with current systems?

Submissions from researchers on their view of the grand challenges in material appearance

What are the big problems we still need to solve? Are there significant problems that require solution of wave equations that we still can't handle? Are there problems that require physical property data that we don't know how to get? Do we need better perceptual models? What are the material appearance modeling problems associated with 3D printing?

Submissions from all groups describing acquisition systems and performance

Technical papers typically describe the design of systems and initial results. Reports of practical experience with system are needed, including reports on what works well, and what works poorly. This type of “experience” report is needed to move the field forward but is not eligible for publication in traditional conferences and journals.

Reflections and extensions

If you recently had a journal paper (including Eurographics and SIGGRAPH papers) on material appearance modeling and have additional data, information or insights about the work beyond what was presented in the original paper, you are welcome to present these at the workshop. Submit an abstract summarizing what you will present that augments the original paper.

Fabricating material appearance

3D printing systems are becoming available for reproducing color and gloss. Papers on fabrication issues are welcome.

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