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IEICE 2021 : Special Section on the Architectures, Protocols, and Applications for the Future Internet

Submission Deadline: Aug 07, 2020


The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) announces a forthcoming special section on "The Architectures, Protocols, and Applications for the Future Internet” to be published in May 2021 as a special section of Transactions on Information and Systems. The objective of this special section is to publish and overview recent progress in the interdisciplinary area of the Internet technologies and their various applications for diversified future.

Call For Paper


(1) Internet architecture and protocols:
Wireless, mobile, ubiquitous and/or ad-hoc networking, Autonomous and/or distributed routing, Network Protocol, Robust, adaptive and QoS aware traffic control, Datacenter networking, Network virtualization, SDN (Software Defined Networking), NFV(Network Function Virtualization), Sensor networking, ITS (Intelligent Transport System), ID/location separation, Content-centric networking, Delay tolerant networking

(2) Network computing and applications:
Distributed computing, GRID computing, Edge/Fog/Cloud Computing, Social Networking,Network infrastructure for big data, IoT (Internet of Things), Cyber physical system, M2M (Machine to Machine) networking, Smart grid, etwork and applications for ecology, Cooperation between applications and networking, Network infrastructure for telework, Network technology for distributed knowledge processing 

(3) Novel Internet operation and management:
Analysis method and amelioration technology for customer satisfaction, QoS/QoE management, tele-presence, Digital rights management (DRM), Architecture and/or protocols for content distribution network (CDN), Integration of communication and broadcasting

(4) Internet security and social role of Internet technology:
Secure protocols, Firewall technology, Packet filtering technology, Intrusion detection, Packet tracing technology, Authentication/Authorization (including PKI), Network security from social aspect, Analysis and proposal of Internet usage for education, medical treatment, welfare, commerce and dealing with disasters, Education for information ethics

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