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GRC 2020 : Global Rubber Conference: Unlocking Opportunities in a World of Disruption

Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune, Bangkok
Event Date: Aug 05, 2020 - Aug 07, 2020


Global disruption is creating ever-larger winners and losers in industries, including the rubber industry. 

We are living in an era of disruption – of both negative and positive connotations, in which powerful global disruptive forces are changing how industries and businesses operate. The geo-political trade war between China and America; the global outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus disease; the geo-economic aftermath impact of Brexit; the spread of Pestalotiopsis leaf disease in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia; the impact of prolong low rubber prices on farmers and planters, and the rapid adoption of digital technologies including digital agriculture, industry 4.0 and robotics across all spectrum of industries are all roiling industries, businesses and the economy globally. For those who have opted to address head-on and embrace these disruptive forces are in competitive position to stay ahead—but those who are not, will grow disproportionately. 

Continuing from the discussion on the Natural Rubber 2.0 vision and framework last year and adopting a comprehensive theme of “Unlocking Opportunities in a World of Disruption”, the GRC2020 will address the impact of these global disruptive forces on the Natural Rubber industry. 

Natural Rubber industry policymakers, leaders and players will be able to strategize, chart directions and craft-out new blueprints from the information and discussions gathered at the 3-day conference.

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