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FigLang 2020 : The Second Workshop on Figurative Language Processing

Seattle, WA, USA
Event Date: Jul 09, 2020 - Jul 09, 2020
Submission Deadline: Apr 18, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: May 08, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : May 18, 2020




The goal of the workshop is to build upon the successful start of the Metaphor in NLP workshop series, substantially expanding its scope to incorporate the rapidly growing body of research on various types of figurative language in NLP, with the aim of maintaining and nourishing a community of NLP researchers interested in this topic. The main focus of the workshop will be on computational modelling of figurative language using state-of-the-art NLP techniques. However, papers on cognitive, linguistic, social, rhetorical, and applied aspects are also of interest, provided that they are presented within a computational, a formal, or a quantitative framework. In addition, we intend to conduct two shared tasks on metaphor and sarcasm detection, as described here.

Call For Paper

The workshop will solicit both full papers and short papers for either oral or poster presentation. Topics will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

Identification and interpretation of different types of figurative language

  • Linguistic, conceptual and extended metaphor
  • Irony, sarcasm, puns
  • Simile, metonymy, personification, synecdoche, hyperbole

Systems for processing figurative language that incorporate state-of-the-art NLP methods

  • Machine learning for figurative language processing
  • The use of lexical resources in figurative language processing
  • Paraphrasing of figurative language
  • Generation of figurative language
  • Multilingual processing and translation of figurative language

Resources and evaluation

  • Annotation of figurative language in corpora
  • Figurative language in lexical resources
  • Datasets for evaluation of tools for automated processing of figurative language
  • Evaluation methodologies and frameworks

Processing of figurative language for NLP applications

  • Figurative language in sentiment analysis
  • Figurative language in computational social science
  • Figurative language in educational applications
  • Figurative language and mental health
  • Figurative language in dialog systems
  • Figurative language in digital humanities

Figurative language and cognition

  • Computational approaches to metaphor and other figures inspired by cognitive evidence
  • Cognitive models of processing of figurative language by the human brain
  • Models of metaphor and other figures across languages and cultures

Figurative language in social context

  • Figurative language in political communication
  • Figurative language in education
  • Figurative language in social media

Interaction of figurative language with other linguistic phenomena

  • Figurative language and compositionality
  • Figurative language and abstractness / concreteness
  • Figurative language and sentiment
  • Figurative language and argumentation
  • Figurative language and grammar

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