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ICKIM ACM 2020 : The 2nd International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management - Ei compendex, scopus

Chengdu, China
Event Date: Sep 25, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020
Submission Deadline: Apr 20, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: May 10, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Aug 30, 2020


The conference ICKIM (The 2nd International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management) is preceded by three days for participants who wish to learn state of the art of research relating to the topics. It is to be held in Chengdu, China on September 25-27, 2020 as a workshop of WSSE

Knowledge and information have been identified as a key organizational resource for generating competitive advantage over other firms. It is the transformative catalyst that will get us into the knowledge age. The world is undergoing constant technological and knowledge revolutions. Technologies such as big data, Internet of Thing (IOT), Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are increasingly transforming the way we live and work. It refers to how best an organisation leverages its knowledge internally and externally. In this age of big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, etc play synergistic roles. For example, knowledge and information management can serve a fundamental role in managing the governance of big data and resulting analytics. It is closely linked to AI and machine learning in terms of knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation and knowledge generation. In addition, it is a close cousin with project management and risk management.

Welcomes original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Knowledge and Information Management. PhD Research, proposals for roundtable discussions, non-academic contributions and product demonstrations are also invited.

Call For Paper

Knowledge Management in General

  • Dynamic Knowledge Integration and Visualization
  • Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management Development
  • Knowledge resource - intellectual capital
  • Knowledge Management Paradigm
  • Knowledge creation and sharing mechanismsKnowledge management strategies, resources and competencies
  • Security and privacy issues
  • Semantic Integration
  • Knowledge Management Processes
  • Data Mining (store/discover/propagate)
  • Technologies for Knowledge Sharing
  • Tools and Technology for Knowledge Management
  • Cognitive knowledge
  • Knowledge management strategy
  • KM and data analytics
  • KM and AI/Intelligent systems
  • KM and machine learning
  • KM and learning technologies
  • KM and risk management
  • KM and project management
  • KM and cognitive computing
  • KM and quantum computing
  • Pushing the KM frontier
  • Ethics and privacy issues of KM, big data and AI
  • Cultural and organisational issues of KM
  • KM and related case studies
  • Knowledge visualization for knowledge management and business modelling
  • KM for Healthcare
  • KM for Smart cities
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Knowledge discovery in databases
  • Knowledge engineering and management
  • Security and intrusion detection in KM
  • Ontology and knowledge representation
  • Tacit knowledge capture and dissemination
  • Methodology and best practices to implement big data driven KM
  • Application of knowledge representation techniques to semantic modelling
  • Measurement and evaluation of KM effectiveness
  • Knowledge Management in Practice
  • Change management, KM in business transformation
  • Case studies and best practices
  • KM in SME’s

Innovation, Evaluation and Services

  • Innovative business models
  • Innovation and Knowledge
  • Innovation Management in the Public Sector Through KM
  • Re-thinking Knowledge Management
  • Innovative Processes and Models
  • Innovation in Education and Training
  • Practical examples of services innovation
  • Mobile Data Cmmunications
  • KM Implementation Challenges and Opportunities
  • Knowledge Assets
  • Knowledge Measurement and Evaluation
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Dynamic Knowledge Integration and Visualization
  • Knowledge Creation through Crowdsourcing
  • Social computing and knowledge management
  • Service Science
  • Management and Business Intelligence
  • Information security and knowledge protection
  • Web Services, Grid Services and Service-Oriented Computing
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Knowledge Evaluation
  • KM Tools and Techniques
  • Knowledge Quality Estimation and Uncertainty Handling
  • The Role of Semantic Web in Software and Service Development
  • Intelligent information systems
  • Modelling of service, industrial, and environmental processes
  • Predictive analytics
  • Semantic and Entity-Based Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning for IR

Big Data and Cloud Computing

  • Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management
  • Mobile Data Communications
  • Business models on Big Data applications
  • Supply chain of big data and data productsReal-time data mining in mobile internet
  • Web 2.0 and Data Mining
  • Data and Knowledge Interoperability and Exchange
  • Semantic web data managementLarge-scale network data analysis
  • Large data stream processing on cloud
  • Large incremental datasets on cloud
  • Open source real-time computing system for data mining
  • Security and privacy in Big Data
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Discovery (AI, Data Mining, Text and
  • Web Mining
  • Theoretical development of Big Data
  • Volume, velocity and variety of Big Data on cloud
  • Cloud computing, peer-to-peer, parallel and distributed databases
  • Big data and innovation
  • Data and Knowledge Modelling
  • Use Cases and Applications in Knowledge and Big Data analytics
  • Data mining theory, methods, and applications
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence
  • Big Data theory
  • Big data analytics
  • Big Data applications
  • Big Data processing tools
  • Big Data visualization
  • Big Data management
  • Big data and smart city
  • KM and Data Security
  • Case studies of big data mining applications for providing online customer support
  • Big data for knowledge management
  • Capture of big data for knowledge management
  • Big data and knowledge extraction
  • New algorithmic approaches to Big Data
  • Big data and knowledge sharing
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Collection / Analytics
  • Big data on cloud
  • Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management
  • KM in the Cloud
  • Privacy preserving on cloud

Internet of Things

  • Formal verification and model-checking for Internet of Things applications
  • Knowledge representation models in the Internet of Things
  • Business information processing and business models in the Internet of Things
  • Management information systems of the Internet of Things
  • Knowledge retrieving and sharing mechanisms in the Internet of Things
  • Integration of heterogeneous information for the Internet of Things
  • Reasoning algorithms for the knowledge systems in the Internet of Things
  • Service oriented computing in the Internet of Things
  • Mobile tacking services in the Internet of Things
  • Enterprise knowledge management in the Internet of Things
  • Service oriented computing in the Internet of Things
  • Privacy protection and security issues of the Internet of Things
  • Intelligent applications of the Internet of Things
  • Knowledge representation models in the Internet of Things
  • Governance, Ethics and Trust in IoT and Big Data in KM
  • Software engineering in the Internet of Things
  • Technologies of data management and integration in the Internet of Things
  • Data Mining in the Internet of Things
  • Interoperability including Semantic interoperability in the
  • Internet of Things
  • Business models for the Internet of Things
  • Development methodologies for IoT-based applications
    IoT for healthOrganisational semiotics
  • Testing, debugging, validation, and QoS modelling of Internet of Things applications
  • Context Awareness in the Internet of Things
  • Blockchain Technology and Applications

Social and Organisational Aspects

  • Social networks analysis
  • Algorithms for developing user profiles
  • Knowledge Management and supply chains
  • Benefits and Challenges in Adopting KM in the Public Sector
  • KM in Education
  • The role of KM in Tourism
  • KM and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Social Networks Analysis
  • KM, HR and Organisational Culture
  • Social Networks Extraction and Construction
  • KM and Organisational Structures
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Networks
  • Transferring Critical Knowledge to Maintain Competitiveness
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Competitive and Business Intelligence
  • Social Media and Social Network Technologies
  • Social media analytics
  • Business forecasting
  • Knowledge management in innovative applications, such as healthcare information and network
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Organisational Memory
  • Big Data sharing Knowledge Analytics Framework and Architecture
  • Customer Knowledge in Innovation
  • Customer Knowledge Management
  • Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations
  • Co-production of Knowledge
  • Knowledge Management for Social Change and Innovation
  • Intellectual capital
  • Business Process Management
  • The Impacts of Knowledge Management in the Organisation
  • Intelligent and Multi-agent Control Systems
  • Innovation Management
  • Design of innovation spaces
  • Future centres
  • Smart cities
  • Challenges in knowledge and creative economics
  • Open innovation
  • Future universities
  • Societal innovation
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Knowledge innovation systems
  • Taxonomies and Ontologies
  • Legal and social aspects of knowledge and idea protection and diffusion
  • Best practices and communities of practice

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