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EDLTMBE 2020 : Emerging Deep Learning Theories and Methods for Biomedical Engineering - IEEE Access (IF: 4.098)

Abstract Submission Deadline: Jul 31, 2020
Submission Deadline: Aug 31, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Oct 01, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Nov 01, 2020


IEEE Access invites manuscript submissions in the area of Emerging Deep Learning Theories and Methods for Biomedical Engineering.

The accelerating power of deep learning in diagnosing disease and analyzing medical data will empower physicians and speed up decision-making in clinical environments. Applications of modern medical instruments and digitalization of medical care have generated large amounts of biomedical information in recent years. However, new AI methods and computational models for efficient data processing, analysis, and modeling with the generated data is important for clinical applications and in understanding the underlying biological process.

Deep learning has rapidly developed in recent years, in terms of both methodological development and practical applications. It provides computational models of multiple processing layers to learn and represent data with various levels of abstraction. It can implicitly capture intricate structures of large-scale data and is ideally suited to some of the hardware architectures that are currently available.

The purpose of this Special Section aims to provide a diverse, but complementary, set of contributions to demonstrate new theories, techniques, developments, and applications of Deep learning, and to solve emerging problems in biomedical engineering.

The ultimate goal of this Special Section is to promote research and development of deep learning for multimodal & multidimensional signals in biomedical engineering by publishing high-quality research articles and reviews in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field.

Call For Paper

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical understanding of deep learning in biomedical engineering
  • Transfer learning and multi-task learning
  • Joint Semantic Segmentation, Object Detection and Scene Recognition on biomedical images
  • Improvising on the computation of a deep network; exploiting parallel computation techniques and GPU programming
  • Multimodal imaging techniques: data acquisition, reconstruction; 2D, 3D, 4D imaging, etc.
  • Translational multimodality imaging and biomedical applications (e.g., detection, diagnostic analysis, quantitative measurements, image guidance of ultrasonography)
  • Optimization by deep neural networks, multi-dimensional deep learning
  • New model or new structure of convolutional neural network
  • Visualization and explainable deep neural network
  • Missing data imputation for multi-source biomedical data
  • Sparse screening, feature screening, feature merging, quality assessment for biomedical data

We also highly recommend the submission of multimedia with each article as it significantly increases the visibility and downloads of articles.

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