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RWACMO, GECCO 2020 : 3rd Workshop on Real-world Applications of Continuous and Mixed-integer Optimization

Cancun, Mexico
Event Date: Jul 08, 2020 - Jul 09, 2020
Submission Deadline: Apr 03, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Apr 17, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Apr 24, 2020


Continuous and mixed-integer optimization are two fields where evolutionary computation (EC) and related techniques (e.g. particle swarm optimization and differential evolution) have been successfully applied in disciplines such as engineering design, robotics, and bioinformatics. Real-world continuous and mixed-integer problems possess unique challenges that cannot be fully replicated by algebraic and artificial problems, where characteristics of these problems could be different across a variety of scientific fields. Some of these characteristics are expensive function evaluations, huge design spaces, multi/many-objective optimization, correlated variables, etc. Besides optimization, EC/related techniques also frequently work hand-in-hand with machine learning and data mining tools to explore trade-off and to infer important knowledge that is highly useful for real-world optimization processes. Fundamental differences between combinatorial and continuous/mixed integer optimization lead to different approaches in the research, algorithmic development, and applications of EC/related techniques. It is important that a special focus needs to be given on real-world applications to synergize the research in EC/related techniques with real-world applications in both industry and academia, which, in turn, will also benefit research in algorithmic development.

This workshop aims to act as a medium for debate, exchange of knowledge and experience, and encourage collaboration for researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to discuss the recent challenges and applications of EC/related techniques for solving real-world continuous and mixed-integer optimization problems.The workshop will feature: 1) two invited talks from researchers/practitioners with a successful record on applications of EC for solving continuous/mixed integer problems, 2) presentations of submission-based papers, and 3) final discussion with the speakers and audiences to talk about future challenges. The workshop encourages submission from various disciplines to stimulate multidisciplinary research discussion. The invited speakers are expected to deliver talks with the following topics: 1) current advancements of EC/related techniques in handling real-world problems, 2) interaction and synergy between algorithmic development and real-world problem solving, or 3) successful application of EC/related techniques in boosting the productivity and efficiency in the industry.

Call For Paper

We invite the submission of original, full papers up to 8 pages to be orally presented at the workshop. Position papers up to 2 pages that present exploratory topics with preliminary results are also welcome. Contributions regarding the algorithmic development of EC/related techniques for continuous/mixed integer optimization with real-world applications in mind are highly welcomed; for example, how the need for solving real-world applications affect and contributes to the process of algorithmic development and design. Implementation aspects and applications on a specific discipline are also highly welcome. It is expected that submissions with a focus on application should also include aspects and knowledge that could be transferred to general audiences. We welcome submissions from diverse fields of study and background (e.g. engineering, computer science, science) in order to encourage multidisciplinary discussion during the workshop.

Within the context of continuous and mixed-integer optimization, the topics for the paper submission include (but are not limited to):

  • Real-world applications in a specific field either in academia or industry.
  • Algorithmic development for solving real-world applications.
  • Design exploration, data mining, machine learning and their synergy with EC/related techniques.
  • Applications of multi- and many-objective EC/related techniques in real-world problems.
  • Real-world optimization/design under the presence of uncertainties.
  • Known issues and challenges in real-world implementations and how to tackle them.
  • Review paper on the applications of EC/related techniques in a specific discipline.
  • Competitiveness and disadvantages of EC/related techniques compared to other techniques such as gradient-based methods.
  • Comparison and performance assessment of various EC/related techniques for solving real-world problems.

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