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Social Media Posting 2020 : Can an Employee be Fired over a Social Media Posting

Event Date: Mar 12, 2020 - Mar 12, 2020
Submission Deadline: Mar 12, 2020



I posted it online can I be fired for that comment? Some employees depending in their position may have more rights than others as to what they post online. Some employees based upon content may have more protection. Does the law distinguish between online vs offline conduct? How is cyberbullying view under the law? Training in this area may be a more effective way to reduce incidents of social media postings that harm employees and the reputations of businesses.

Why should you attend?

Despite the business pluses of these sites and tools, they also create issues of security and legal liability for employers, and still relatively little case law exists for organizations to turn to when weighing the risks. This webinar will help employers better understand the numerous laws that employers need to be concerned about when terminating employees for what they say or do on social media. And what you need to know before you terminate employees for comments they post on social media sites, as well as the liability of a company for cyber acts of its employees.

Call For Paper

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • State laws that may pose problems for you if you terminate an employee for a social media post, they made while off-duty.
  • What legal issues the NLRB could allege based on your social media policy
  • First Amendment rights of public employees
  • Cyberbullying vs bullying are they the same
  • Online harassment is the employer responsible
  • How to create a legally compliant social media policy

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