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EAI BROADNETS 2020 : 11th EAI International Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks, and Systems

Qingdao, People's Republic of China
Event Date: Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 24, 2020
Submission Deadline: May 11, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Jun 19, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Jul 20, 2020


About BROADNETS 2020

The 5G and beyond towards 6G vision targets a digital and connected landscape, where not only people but devices will be connected to what is referred to as the Internet of Everything (IoE). Real-life objects will be smart in nature, and possibly virtual, allowing everyday activities to be performed remotely at the touch of a button in a seamless manner. In this context, new technologies are required such as connectivity that can transport information effectively according to the application data. However, for real-life objects to come life, these will be animated through cyber-physical technology, that include sensors, actuators and embedded software. Where embedded systems were once constrained to consumer devices, now it comes to the forefront playing a pivotal role in the 5G paradigm, allowing devices to become objects, and objects to form part of an integrated system, where different devices employing diverse data formats and operating systems are no longer barriers.

The Internet has become the largest man-made system in human history, which has a great impact on people’s daily life and work. Security is one of the most significant concerns in the development of a sustainable, resilient and prosperous Internet ecosystem. Cyber-security in communication faces many challenging issues, such as intrusion detection, privacy protection, proactive defense, anomalous behaviors, advanced threat detection and so on. Recent studies show that Deep learning has resulted in advances in many scientific and technological fields, i.e., medicine, transportation. Therefore, deep learning approaches are expected to deal with these security issues.

The scope of this conference will target one of the key drivers for 5G, the IoE world that includes technology advances in cyber-physical systems and security. The conference is also interested in novel works applying 5G concepts to space and underwater communications. The conference aims to provide a platform where to disseminate and discuss key innovations and technology trends in this fast-evolving arena.

About EAI

This event is organized by EAI.

EAI – European Alliance for Innovation is a non-profit organization and a professional community established in cooperation with the European Commission to empower the global research and innovation, and to promote cooperation between European and International ICT communities.

EAI’s vision is to foster excellence in research and innovation on the principles of transparency, objectivity, equality, and openness. Our guiding principle is community cooperation to create better research, provide fair recognition of excellence and transform best ideas into commercial value proposition.

EAI‘s mission is to create an environment that rewards excellence transparently, and builds recognition objectively regardless of age, economic status or country of origin, where no membership fees or closed door committees stand in the way of your research career.

Through these shared values, EAI leads the way toward advancing the world of research and innovation, empowering individuals and institutions for the good of society to fully benefit from the digital revolution.

Call For Paper

The works that will be presented at the conference will focus on the following topics:

  • 5G/6G technologies, applications and services for IoE
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Vehicle Network
  • Maritime, space and underwater communications
  • Safety and security for IoE
  • Petri Net Theory and System
  • Fog computing, edge computing, and cloud-edge collaborative computing
  • The next-generation communication technology to 5G or 6G
  • Self-grouping network with Low power
  • Big data in bandwidth for City Brain
  • New hardware and protocol for reliable broadband communication
  • Network management for wireless broadband networks
  • Privacy-aware secured protocols for cross-layer operations
  • Deep learning for safety and security broadband communication
  • Emergence-driven network engineering communication and computation
  • Interoperability of heterogeneous networks under broadband communications

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