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IEEE Wireless Africa 2020 : IEEE Wireless Africa 2020

Cape Town, South Africa
Event Date: Nov 19, 2020 - Nov 20, 2020
Submission Deadline: Jun 30, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Sep 20, 2020


IEEE Wireless Africa 2020 is sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and will be hosted in South Africa, from 29-30 November 2020.

The conference aims to provide a platform for wireless researchers to share their results, call for comments and collaborations, and exchange innovative ideas on leading edge research in wireless technologies.

Call For Paper


This conference is not currently accepting submissions.

IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks, Applications of Artificial Intelligence

IoT & Wireless sensor Networks: 
Admission control; Cross-layer protocol design; Data aggregation techniques and architectures; Data storage and allocation; Delay-tolerant networks; Gateways and inter-working; Information processing and aggregation; Peer-to-peer service in mobile networks; Routing and transport protocol; Self-organization, self-configuration and adaptation; Terminal intelligence; Traffic scheduling; Topology construction, reconfigurability and control,

Green Communications, Energy & Smart Grid: 
Energy consumption management; Energy-efficient heterogeneous networks; Energy storage and recycling; Field trials and deployment experiences; Hybrid fiber-wireless networks for energy efficient delivery of wireless signals; Low-power sensor networks; Radio resource management for green wireless systems; Smart grid networks.

Machine learning applications: 
Machine Learning techniques for communications and sensing convergence, Learning for wireless communication and sensor networks.

Wireless Health: 
Wireless communications technologies in health monitoring, wearable sensor systems.

Vehicular Communications, Vehicular Electronics, Transportation

Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET); Cellular/VANET interworking; Channel models and mobility models for vehicular networks; Cloud-mobility; Connected vehicles; Data traffic offloading; Information distribution services; Interaction between intra- and inter-vehicular communications; Location-based services; Network design for V2X communications; Prototype, measurements, and field tests; Ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability communications for road safety applications; 5G technologies for vehicular communications.

Signal Transmission and Communication Theory

Cooperative communications; Signal processing for wireless communications; Information theory for wireless communications; Modulation, coding, and multiple access; Adaptive modulation and coding; Advanced waveforms and signal processing solutions for 5G systems; Non-orthogonal multiple access; CDMA and multi-carrier CDMA; Compressive sensing; Full-duplex and flexible duplex system; Near-field communication; New air interfaces; Visible light communications.

Dynamic Spectrum Management, Cognitive Radio

Algorithms for TV whitespace usage; Applications of cognitive radio networks; Cognitive radio networks; Cognitive radio protocols and algorithms; Cooperative sensing; Dynamic spectrum access; Energy-efficient spectrum sensing; Game theory for cognitive radio networks; Interference management; Machine learning techniques for cognitive radio systems; Spectrum database; Spectrum measurements and monitoring; Unlicensed and licensed shared access.

Antenna Systems, Propagation, and RF Design

Antenna design and characterization; Antenna integration in cars; Antenna measurement and channel characterization, including 3D effects, polarization and antenna efficiency; Antenna and solar cell integration technologies; Car-2-X channel measurements and models;; Channel (multi-band, multi-antenna) characterization, propagation and modeling, Simulation and verification; Air-to-ground channel measurement and modeling; Novel antenna deployment concepts; Digital RF; Distributed antenna systems; Energy-efficient antenna systems; Exotic wireless channels (terahertz, optical wireless, acoustic, underwater); Interaction of in-car antennas with car-electronics; Interference in heterogeneous deployment scenarios (relays, small cells); Measurement-based performance evaluation; Testing of mobile terminal antennas; Reconfigurable antennas and arrays; RF subsystems.

Radio Access Technology and Heterogeneous Networks

Access techniques for MIMO-based networks including massive MIMO; Channel and power allocation; Cloud radio access network architectures; Context-aware and ambient access protocols; Coexistence of multiple radio access techniques; Distributed scheduling for D2D communications; DVB and DAB systems; Hybrid optical-wireless networks; MAC/PHY cross-layer design; Mobility in dense networks; Multi-hop cellular management, scheduling and statistical multiplexing; Multiple access; New air interfaces; 4G evolution: LTE-Advanced; LTE-Pro; LTE-U: LTE Advanced in unlicensed spectrum; 5G New Radio; 6G; Non-orthogonal multiple access; Network function virtualization; Power control algorithms; Radio resource management in heterogeneous and small-cell networks; Small-cell networking; Software defined network methodologies for wireless access; Ultra-dense networks; Virtualized resource & virtualized network functions; Wireless heterogeneous networks; Wireless multicasting; Wireless PANs, LANs, MANs and WANs.

Wireless Networks: Protocols, Security

Big data security and privacy; Cooperative networks; Cross-layer methods for enhancing security; Defending against energy depletion attacks in resource-constrained networks; Distributed content delivery; Fixed-mobile convergence; Heterogeneous wireless network architectures; Information-theoretic security; Jamming and jamming-resistance; IMS; Intrusion detection; Middleware; Mobility and handoff management; Mobile and wireless IP; Mobile quality-of-service (QoS); Mobile social networks; Mobile/wireless network modeling and performance evaluation, analysis and simulation; Mobile/wireless network performance measurements; Network coding; Network planning; Network security; Physical layer security: secure advanced spatial diversity techniques; Resource management; Security in cooperative wireless networks; Security and privacy in end-to-end connections; Security and privacy in mobile ad hoc, M2M, sensor networks, the Internet, cloud computing, and smart grid; Secure routing and network management; Self-organized networks (SON); Service availability and network survivability in the presence of denial of service; User privacy protection; Wireless traffic characterization and modeling.

Green Communications, Energy & Smart Grid

Energy harvesting; Wireless energy transfer; Architectures and design of low power equipment; Cross-layer optimization for green networks; Energy-aware self-organized networks; Energy consumption management; Energy-efficient heterogeneous networks; Energy storage and recycling; Field trials and deployment experiences; Hybrid fiber-wireless networks for energy efficient delivery of wireless signals; Low-power sensor networks; Radio resource management for green wireless systems; Smart grid networks.

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