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UG2+ 2020 : CVPR2020 UG2+ Challenge and Workshop

Seattle, USA
Event Date: Jun 19, 2020 - Jun 19, 2020
Submission Deadline: Mar 20, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: Apr 10, 2020
Camera Ready Version Due : Apr 16, 2020


The rapid development of computer vision algorithms increasingly allows automatic visual recognition to be incorporated into a suite of emerging applications. Some of these applications have less-than-ideal circumstances such as low-visibility environments, causing image captures to have degradations. In other more extreme applications, such as imagers for flexible wearables, smart clothing sensors, ultra-thin headset cameras, implantable in vivo imaging, and others, standard camera systems cannot even be deployed, requiring new types of imaging devices. Computational photography addresses the concerns above by designing new computational techniques and incorporating them into the image capture and formation pipeline. This raises a set of new questions. For example, what is the current state-of-the-art for image restoration for images captured in non-ideal circumstances? How can inference be performed on novel kinds of computational photography devices?

Continuing the success of the 1st (CVPR'18) and 2nd (CVPR'19) UG2 Prize Challenge workshops, we provide its 3rd version for CVPR 2020. It will inherit the successful benchmark dataset, platform and evaluation tools used by the first two UG2 workshops, but will also look at brand new aspects of the overall problem, significantly augmenting its existing scope.

Call For Paper

Original high-quality contributions are solicited on the following topics:

  • Novel algorithms for robust object detection, segmentation or recognition on outdoor mobility platforms (UAVs, gliders, autonomous cars, outdoor robots etc.), under real-world adverse conditions and image degradations (haze, rain, snow, hail, dust, underwater, low-illumination, low resolution, etc.)

  • Novel models and theories for explaining, quantifying, and optimizing the mutual influence between the low-level computational photography tasks and various high-level computer vision tasks, and for the underlying degradation and recovery processes, of real-world images going through complicated adverse visual conditions.

  • Novel evaluation methods and metrics for image restoration and enhancement algorithms, with a particular emphasis on no-reference metrics, since for most real outdoor images with adverse visual conditions it is hard to obtain any clean “ground truth” to compare with.

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