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Moscow Transcendental Workshop 2020 : Transcendental Turn in Contemporary Philosophy 5: Transcendental Method and Modern Science - Natural and Human Sciences, Mathematics, Cognitive Sciences, Theology

Moscow, Russia
Event Date: Apr 18, 2020 - Apr 20, 2020
Submission Deadline: Feb 21, 2020


The Philosophical Faculty of the State Academic University of Humanities, the Philosophical Faculty of the Russian State Humanitarian University, the Russian Orthodox University of John the Theologian, the Faculty of Humanities of the Higher School of Economics, the Center for Humanitarian Research Foundation continue the series of seminars “Transcendental Turn in Modern Philosophy” in 2019.

Call For Paper

Main themes (sessions) of the workshop: 
1) Transcendental metaphysics: modern interpretations of Kantian and post–Kantian transcendentalism; 
2) The transcendental method and its application in science (transcendental philosophy of science: natural science and humanitarian (post)knowledge, mathematics, cognitive science); 
3) Phenomenological method and its application in science (natural science, Humanities, cognitive science, mathematics); 
4) Perspectives of epistemology: "Scientific knowledge and conditions of its possibility"; 
5) The development of the transcendental method in neo-Kantianism and post–neo-Kantianism. 

1) Kantian transcendentalism and its development in German idealism (according to the book of E. Forster “25 years of philosophy”); 
2) How is theology possible as a science? 
3) How is psychology possible? 
4) Problems of Kantian "subject" terminology. 

Application form: 
Full name 
Section / Topic 
Form of Participation (full-time, part-time, talk/presentation via Skype) 
Additional participation in the round-table 
Place of employment (studying), address 
Е-mail, phone number 
Contact (postal) address, postal code 

Rules for drafting of theses for the Transcendental Seminar-5 
1. Theses and abstracts must be presented on А4 210х297 mm format with the margins: the left margin – 20 mm, the right one – 15 mm, the upper margin – 15 mm and the bottom one – 15 mm. Don’t number the pages. Drafting should be done in Microsoft Word, font – Times New Roman. 
2. On the left, at the top, in italics and lower case – a name and a surname of an author, then with the standard font: a degree, a place of employment (studying), a city [country]. 
3. Then skip a line, and on the next one in a bold font in the centre write a name of the theses. 
4. Next through the line - the text of the papers: alignment in width, font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1. Without footnotes; References should be minimized. 
5. References to the literature should be made in the text, in square brackets (the source number from the list, page numbers separated by commas). After the text of the article - Literature (font size 10). 
6. Abstract size (for the section) - 400 words (up to 4000 characters with spaces, 1 page). The size of the annotation (for the round table) is up to 100 words.

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