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EvoStar 2020 : The Leading European Event on Bio-Inspired Computation.

Seville, Spain
Event Date: Apr 15, 2020 - Apr 17, 2020
Submission Deadline: Nov 1, 2019

Call For Paper

*** Overview ***
EvoStar comprises of four co-located conferences run each spring at different locations throughout Europe. These events arose out of workshops originally developed by EvoNet, the Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing, established by the Information Societies Technology Programme of the European Commission, and they represent a continuity of research collaboration stretching back over 20 years. EvoStar is organised by SPECIES, the Society for the Promotion of Evolutionary Computation in Europe and its Surroundings. This non-profit academic society is committed to promoting evolutionary algorithmic thinking, with the inspiration of parallel algorithms derived from natural processes. It provides a forum for information and exchange.

The four conferences include:
- EuroGP 23rd European Conference on Genetic Programming

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
Innovative applications of GP, Theoretical developments, GP performance and behaviour, Fitness landscape analysis of GP, Algorithms, representations and operators for GP, Search-based software engineering, Genetic improvement programming, Evolutionary design, Evolutionary robotics, Tree-based and Linear GP, Graph-based and Grammar-based GP, Evolvable hardware, Self-reproducing programs, Multi-population GP, Multi-objective GP, Parallel GP, Probabilistic GP, Object-orientated GP, Hybrid architectures including GP, Coevolution and Modularity in GP, Semantics in GP, Unconventional GP, Automatic software maintenance, Evolutionary inductive programming, Evolution of automata or machines.

- EvoApplications 23rd European Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary and bio-inspired Computation

EvoApplications, the International Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation -formerly known as EvoWorkshops- brings together researchers in a variety of areas of application of Evolutionary Computation and other Nature-inspired techniques.

- EvoCOP 20th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation

Which include the following topics:
Applications of metaheuristics to combinatorial optimisation problems, Representation techniques, Practical solution of NP-hard problems, Neighbourhoods and efficient algorithms for searching them, Variation operators for stochastic search methods, Theoretical developments, Constraint-handling techniques, Parallelisation and grid computing, Search space and landscape analyses, Comparisons between different (also exact) methods, Heuristics, Genetic programming and Genetic algorithms, Tabu search, iterated local search and variable neighbourhood search, Ant colony optimisation, Artificial immune systems, Scatter search, Particle swarm optimisation, Memetic algorithms, Hybrid methods and hybridisation techniques, Matheuristics (hybrids of exact and heuristic methods), Hyper-heuristics and autonomous search, Automatic algorithm configuration and design, Metaheuristics and machine learning, Surrogate-model-based methods, Estimation of distribution algorithms, String processing, Scheduling and timetabling, Network design, Vehicle routing, Graph problems, Satisfiability, Packing and cutting problems, Energy optimisation problems, Multi-objective optimisation, Search-based software engineering.

- EvoMUSART 9th International Conference (and 14th European event) on Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design

Which include the following topics and subtopics:
Systems that create drawings, images, animations, sculptures, poetry, text, designs, webpages, buildings, etc.; Systems that create musical pieces, sounds, instruments, voices, sound effects, sound analysis, etc.; Systems that create artefacts such as game content, architecture, furniture, based on aesthetic and functional criteria; Robotic-Based Evolutionary Art and Music; Other related artificial intelligence or generative techniques in the fields of Computer Music, Computer Art, etc.
Computational Aesthetics, Experimental Aesthetics; Emotional Response, Surprise, Novelty; Representation techniques; Surveys of the current state-of-the-art in the area; identification of weaknesses and strengths; comparative analysis and classification; Validation methodologies;Studies on the applicability of these techniques to related areas; New models designed to promote the creative potential of biologically inspired computation.
.Computer Aided Creativity and Computational Creativity
Systems in which computational intelligence is used to promote the creativity of a human user; New ways of integrating the user in the evolutionary cycle; Analysis and evaluation of: the artistic potential of biologically inspired art and music; the artistic processes inherent to these approaches; the resulting artefacts; Collaborative distributed artificial art environments.
Techniques for automatic fitness assignment; Systems in which an analysis or interpretation of the artworks is used in conjunction with computational intelligence techniques to produce novel objects; Systems that resort to computational intelligence approaches to perform the analysis of image, music, sound, sculpture, or some other types of artistic object or resource.

*** Call for Special Session EvoApplications ***

This year there is a call for "Special Sessions" in EvoAPPs:

Deadline: September 10th, 2019.

Special Sessions provide a focused discussion of new or innovative topics. Special session organizers collect at least five papers. Prospective Session Chairs should submit a proposal to pacv(at) strictly by September 10, indicating:

Session title
Names and affiliations of the organizers (maximum 2)
A short description of the session goals and topics (up to 200 words)
A few (around 4) tentative paper titles and their authors
Special sessions will be announced as soon as they are accepted. Upon acceptance, Chairs will be responsible of publicizing the session, manage the session web page and inviting their colleagues to join the special session.

*** Important Dates, Venue and Publication ***

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019
Conference: April 15-17, 2020
Venue: Seville, Spain
All accepted papers will be printed in the proceedings published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

*** More Information ***

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