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Crossroads - 2020 2020 : 13th Crossroads in Cultural Studies Lisbon conference

Event Date: Jul 28, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
Submission Deadline: Nov 30, 2019
Notification of Acceptance: Jan 15, 2020

Call For Paper

While the research of our invited keynotes and plenary speakers mostly gravitates around the issues of labour and precarities, decolonizing knowledge and the refugee “crisis” in the Mediterranean, the conference is open to all topics relevant to Cultural Studies. Suggested topics, drawing on the work of our invited keynote, plenary and spotlight speakers, and on more general themes in Cultural Studies research, include:​

(Anti-)consumption and everyday life

Adaptation cultures

Borders and mobilities

Critical and cultural theory

Culture, gender and decolonisation

Culture, gender and sexuality

Dance cultures

Data cultures

Digital infrastructure

Diversity, culture, governance

Extraction: cultures and industries

Food cultural studies

Gender, sexuality, race and class in the Anthropocene

Globalisation and culture

Human/non-human relations

Indigenous knowledge and politics

Managing cities

Media regulation: from censorship to piracy

Migrant cultural studies

Multicultural, intercultural and cross-cultural studies

Popular affect online

Popular cultures and genres

Public culture and cultural policy

Race, racism and postcoloniality

Refugee “crisis” in the Mediterranean

Religious diversity

Rethinking the human and the post-human

Rural cultural studies

Screen and media cultures


Transforming/globalising/decolonising universities

Urban imaginaries

Hotel Deals

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