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ISSIA - 2019 : Call for Participation: 5th International Summer School on Industrial Agents

Bragança, Portugal
Event Date: Jul 1, 2019 - Jul 5, 2019
Submission Deadline: TBD

Call For Paper

5th International Summer School on Industrial Agents
Bragança, Portugal, July 1-5, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the Call for Participation of the 5th International Summer School on Industrial Agents, technically supported by the IEEE IES Technical Committee on Industrial Agents and CeDRI - Research Centre in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics from Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal).

The summer school aims to enhance the participants' knowledge in the field of multi-agent systems (MAS) applied to industrial environments, especially providing hands-on knowledge to develop industrial cyber-physical systems (e.g. production systems, smart grids, etc.) In particular, the main objectives of the summer school are:

- Introduce MAS principles as a suitable paradigm to develop industrial distributed collaborative systems.

- Provide practical competences in developing MAS applications for industrial automation applications.

- Deployment of agent-based solutions for industrial environments.

The summer school will provide a good opportunity to know people working in the field, to meet prominent researchers, share best practices and to establish contacts through social interactions that may lead to research collaborations in the future. In fact, participants will attend lecture and tutorials held by well-known experts in the field, coming from industry and academia, which will provide their experience of developing/applying agent-based solutions for industry context.

At the end, the participants will be able to gain a range of theoretical and practical skills necessary to develop complex, real industrial agent based applications, particularly using these technologies to develop industrial cyber-physical systems.

The summer school will take place at 1st to 5th of July at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal.
In contrast to PhD tracks or colloquiums which are held in conjunction with conferences, we would like to provide also practical experience on implementing agents. These modules will be used to practically exercise and exemplify agent concepts in automation.

Advanced practitioners from industry and academia, postgraduates and graduates (MSc and PhD courses) from around the world. The participants will be able to gain a range of theoretical and practical skills necessary to develop complex, real industrial agent based applications.

The summer school is organized in a set of modules and keynote speakers where following topics will be addressed:
- Fundamentals in agent-orientation and holonic paradigm
- Design, deployment and assessment of agent-based architectures
- Development of real-time capable agents which can operated on the field level (IEC 61131 and IEC 611499)
- Agents and IoT technologies
- Cyber-security in agent-based systems
- Industrial Agents in Industry 4.0
- Practical development of agent-based applications for automation

The topics will be lectured by international, well-known researchers in the respective fields, namely:
- Armando W. Colombo, University of Applied Sciences Emden- Leer, Germany
- Arndt Lüder, Otto-von-Guericke University at Magdeburg, Germany,
- Birgit Vogel-Heuser (Technische Universität München, Germany)
- Gisela Garcia, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Portugal
- José Barbosa (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal)
- Luis Ribeiro (Linköping University, Sweden)
- Paulo Leitão (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal)
- Stamatis Karnouskos, SAP, Germany
- Thomas Strasser, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

State of the art and cutting edge research is presented and theory and applications are described. After the lecture, topics will be practically exercised on real automation hardware.
The summer school promotes a project-based learning practice to complement and consolidate the acquired knowledge and hands-on competences.

Additionally, the summer school includes the two following sessions/events:
- R&D poster session: session where participants can make a pitch poster presentation of their R&D work plans, including a reference of how agents can be involved in their works, sharing knowledge and receiving feedback of their work.
- Hackathon challenge: optionally, the participants are invited to attend the 2nd week of the summer school, which is dedicated to an hackathon period where more complex practical problem challenges will be proposed to be solved by participants.

Fees are a flat rate covering the attendance to all courses, lecturing materials, lunches, coffee breaks and the banquet dinner.

Early regular fee: 275€ (before 17th May)
Regular fee: 325€ (after 17th May)
Discount fee: 175€ (for the 2nd registration from the same institution)

Registration and more detailed info can be found in the next link:

We kindly ask you to disseminate by your Ph.D. students, young researchers and recent graduates about this opportunity!

Looking forward to see you in Bragança,

Kind regards,
Paulo Leitao

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