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POSTMEMORY 2021 : POSTMEMORY AND THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference

Event Date: Feb 25, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021
Submission Deadline: Feb 12, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: Feb 15, 2021




Coined by Marianne Hirsch in the 1990s, the term postmemory by now entered various disciplines who search to understand how memory form our identity and how we position, articulate or just make sense of our place in the society and our relations with it. The term postmemory problematizes the concept of memory by bringing attention to the memories that are not exactly personal but that keep on shaping one’s life and one’s  way of seeing the world.

During this year’s conference we would like to concentrate on the phenomena of postmemory and how it keeps on shaping the contemporary world.

Call For Paper

Our repertoire of suggested topics includes but is not restricted to:​

I.  Individual experiences

·  Postmemory and trauma

·  Postmemory and recovery

·  Postmemory and imagination

·  Postmemory and artefacts

·  Postmemory and personal memories

II.  Collective experiences

·  Postmemory and its sources

·  Postmemory and mythology

·  Generational postmemory

·  Postmemory and social non-acceptance

·  Postmemory and solidarity

·  Postmemory and territory

III.  Remembering and Forgetting

·  Postmemory and forced forgetting

·  Postmemory and forced remembering

·  Teaching postmemory

·  Negotiating postmemory

·  Studying postmemory

·  Forgetting/remembering for recovery

·  Postmemory and its purpose

·  Postmemory and allegiances 

IV.  Representations

·  Testimonies and memories

·  Genres of Postmemory

·  Postmemory in literature

·  Postmemory in film

·  Postmemory in theatre

·  Postmemory in visual arts

·  Creating as experience

·  Postmemory and urban planning

·  Postmemory and urban art

·  Rural Postmemory

·  Postmemory in the nature

·  Materialism of postmemory

·  Nonhuman postmemory

V.  Feelings and Practices

·  Sadness of postmemory

·  Fear of postmemory

·  Postmemory and nostalgia

·  Postmemory and grief

·  Postmemory and loneliness

·  Postmemory and change

·  Living postmemory

·  Rituals of postmemory

VI.  Institutionalization

·  Postmemory and nation-state

·  Postmemory and identity politics

·  Postmemory and ideology

·  Postmemory and religion

·  Postmemory and punishment systems

·  Postmemory and army

·  Postmemory and school

·  Postmemory and museums

·  Monuments of postmemory

·  Sites and cities of postmemory

·  Economy of postmemory

·  Language of postmemory

VII.  The Contemporary World

·  Postmemory and postcomunism

·  Postcolonialism, decolonization      and postmemory

·  Neoliberalism and postmemory

·  Postmemory and migration

·  Postmemory and globalization

·  Postmemory and nationalism

·  Postmemory and new media

·  Postmemory and political correctness

·  Postmemory and natural disasters

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