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MWE 2021 : 7th Workshop on Multiword Expressions

Bangkok, Thailand
Event Date: Aug 05, 2021 - Aug 06, 2021
Submission Deadline: Apr 19, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: May 28, 2021
Camera Ready Version Due : Jun 07, 2021




The special focus for this 17th edition of the workshop is on MWE processing in end-user applications such as those listed above. On the one hand, the PARSEME shared tasks (Ramisch et al. 2020Ramisch et al. 2018Savary et al. 2017), among others, fostered significant progress in MWE identification, providing datasets, evaluation measures and tools that now allow fully integrating MWE identification into end-user applications. On the other hand, NLP seems to be shifting towards end-to-end neural models capable of solving complex end-user tasks with little or no intermediary linguistic symbols, questioning the extent to which MWEs should be implicitly or explicitly modelled. Therefore, one goal of this workshop is to bring together and encourage researchers in various NLP subfields to submit MWE-related research, so that approaches that deal with MWEs in various applications could benefit from each other.

Call For Paper

Traditional MWE topics:

  • Computationally-applicable theoretical work on MWEs and constructions in psycholinguistics and corpus linguistics
  • MWE and construction annotation and representation in resources such as corpora, treebanks, e-lexicons and WordNets
  • Processing of MWEs and constructions in syntactic and semantic frameworks (e.g. CCG, CxG, HPSG, LFG, TAG, UD, etc.)
  • Discovery and identification methods for MWEs and constructions
  • MWEs and constructions in language acquisition, language learning, and non-standard language (e.g. tweets, speech)
  • Evaluation of annotation and processing techniques for MWEs and constructions
  • Retrospective comparative analyses from the PARSEME shared tasks on automatic identification of MWEs

Topics on MWEs and end-user applications:

  • Processing of MWEs and constructions in end-user applications (e.g. MT, NLU, summarisation, social media mining, computer assisted language learning)
  • Implicit and explicit representation of MWEs and constructions in end-user applications
  • Evaluation of end-user applications concerning MWEs and constructions
  • Resources and tools for MWEs and constructions (e.g. lexicons, identifiers) in end-user applications

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