10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea

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10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea

This article will give you a complete overview of Black Tea.

Introduction to Black Tea in Detail

Black tea is popular among people in today’s modern world. It is different from green tea. China is known as the main origin of tea. Black tea originates from the plant called Camellia Sinensis. The leaves of the tea plant define whether the tea becomes green or black. Black has different varieties such as camellia Sinensis assamica is a popular variety of tea plants that contributes to the production of black tea. The plant needs a warm and moist climate to grow.

The other popular plant name is Camellia Sinensis Sinensis is used to produce white tea and green tea. The plant needs a cool and dry climate for the growth of tea. The different varieties of tea, such as white, black, green, and yellow can be grown through the camellia sinensis plant.

Now the main question arises what makes green tea and black tea different? It is due to the process of oxidation where the tea leaves are fully oxidized before the beginning of the heat process. In the case of green tea, the tea leaves are quickly processed and dried to avoid the dark brown color. Due to the less oxidation green tea is lighter in taste and color as compared to black tea.

Production and Cultivation of Black Tea

The black tea is processed by using two methods which are:- 1. Orthodox 2. CTC or non-orthodox. The orthodox method is a time-consuming process. In this method, tea leaves are rolled in many ways to start the oxidation to create flavor and color. After the process of oxidation, it is graded for quality.

The non-orthodox is popular, and in this method, the tea leaves are not rolled up but are cut into small pieces for easy oxidation, and they are easy to pack in tea bags and give more satisfaction to customers.

Black tea is stronger and richer as compared to green tea. Black tea is an expensive tea but is good for your health and also keeps you fit. Black tea is simple to make and it’s an instant way to refresh your mood.

The main producers of black tea are Africa, India, and Srilanka. The other countries include: 

  • Ceylon – The Ceylon (black tea) exported by Srilanka is known to be strong.
  • Darjeeling – It is a smaller tea-producing state and base of chai (a popular beverage).
  • Assam – Assam is the largest tea-producing region. The rainy climate is responsible for the various characteristics present in tea. 
  • and Kenyan – Kenyan is a late comer in tea production. Tea production started here in early 1900. It is not the largest tea-producing region. The main production of tea here is camellia sinensis assamica, and it is grown by natural methods of farming.

Which Is Better Coffee or Black Tea?

Well, if you want to go healthy with a healthier version then Black tea is good for your health and helps you to stay fit. Also, coffee has more caffeine content as compared to black tea. You can have black tea cold as well as hot as your choice. 

There are different varieties of black tea. The main distinguishing factors are flavor, variety, and other benefits. All the types of black tea are not the same in taste. Every variety of black tea has its flavor. A beginner may find the black tea more bitter than a regular consumer. If it’s made by the correct method, you will find it flavorful. 

About Buying and Storing Black Tea

Black Tea is easily available in supermarkets at affordable prices. Make sure you buy black tea from a reputed brand to ensure its benefits. Black tea has a good shelf life of around 1 to 2 years. Store the black tea in a dry and cool place. Don’t put a wet spoon or use anything wet inside the black tea container. That’s how you can enjoy the fresh and instant black tea anytime.

Easy and Simple Homemade Recipe for Making Black Tea

First, you need to boil water for 2 to 3 minutes on medium flame. After that add the tea powder, mix it, cover it and leave aside for another 3 to 4 minutes. Strain the tea, and the black tea is ready to enjoy. You can enjoy black tea with side snacks like soya sticks, baked puri, jar snacks, biscuits or cookies, etc. Black tea is quick to make and boosts your energy.

Various Uses and Health Benefits of Black Tea

  • Help in reducing High BP

People who have an issue with high blood pressure should include Black tea in their diet. High blood pressure can cause vision loss, stroke, heart attacks, etc. Lifestyle and diet changes can help in reducing the high BP issues. Drinking black tea with doing other lifestyle modifications such as stress management can help people with high BP.

  • Prevent Cancer and the Risk of Stroke

Several cancers exist, such as blood cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, etc. Polyphenols found in black tea slow the development of these types of cancers. A study found that people who drink 22 percent of green and black tea have a reduced risk of endometrial cancer. One cup of black tea a day reduce 11 percent of this cancer risk. Deep research is required to know the link between black tea and cancer cells.

A a stroke occurs when a brain blood vessel ruptures and can cause death. Some strokes are non-preventable but on the other hand, many 80 to 85 % of strokes can be prevented such as changing in diet, lifestyle, physical activities, not smoking, etc.

  • Improve Heart and Gut Health

Black tea contains flavonoids which are good for heart health. Flavonoids are also found in dark chocolate, fruits, and vegetables. Consuming flavonoids regularly may help reduce various risks such as high cholesterol, obesity, and many others. Regular consumption of black tea incorporates antioxidants and reduces the risk of health complications.

The bacteria in the gut play an important role. Some bacteria are good for health and some are not good. The bacteria in the gut help in reducing various health risks such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.

  • Good for Mental Alertness

Black tea has brain-boosting ingredients and contains caffeine and L-theanine which is good for concentration and alertness. Black tea helps in restoring energy. Black tea also improves attention for extended periods. 

  • Beneficial for Weak Bones

Black tea is good for bone health. Including black tea in your diet imprloves bone health and makes the bones strong by a small amount. Black tea has positive effects on bone health.

  • Help in Weight Loss and Management

Black tea helps in weight loss management. Presence of caffeine in black tea help to burn calories. Black tea has a strong flavor and contains polyphenols that block fat and promote weight management. When you are on a regular diet and do exercise for physical fitness, take black tea along with your diet to see better weight loss results.

  • Helps in Improving Focus

Black tea contains L-theanine, which helps in improving focus. L-theanine effect on the brain results in better focus and relaxation. Black tea provides stable energy as compared to other beverages such as coffee. Black tea improves cognitive processing, and many people choose black tea to improve focus and energy.

Black tea contains antioxidant properties which have a positive effect on health. It also helps to reduce cell damage. 

  • Beneficial for Hair and Skin as Well

Black tea is beneficial for skin and hair as it prevents blemishes and makes the skin look fresh. Black tea also reduces the effect of skin aging. Black tea is equally good for hair as well as promotes hair growth and a nourished scalp. People who are suffering from hair problems such as dull hair should consume black tea for better results.

  • Good for the Immune System

Black tea offers various benefits to the immune system. Alkyl amine is present in black tea, which provides taste to black tea and has a direct connection with the immune system. Black tea also contains tannins that fight against viruses such as dysentery, hepatitis, etc.

  • Black Tea Has Antioxidant Properties

Consuming Black tea regularly helps in decreasing cell damage and reduces the risk of diseases. Polyphenols are found in black tea, which promotes overall health. According to the research, it is found that the best way to consume antioxidants is in the way of food and beverages to avoid health issues.

Risks and Side Effects of Black Tea

Many people use Black tea for reducing stress, depression, anxiety, stroke, and other issues. Black tea is useful in many ways but also has some side effects. Black tea contains caffeine and Consuming a High amount of black tea can cause several problems, including health risks. Consume black tea in moderate doses to avoid the side effects. Here are some of the side effects and risks of black tea:-

  • Risky for Pregnant Women

It is generally advised by doctors that pregnant women should not consume black in excess otherwise it can lead to miscarriage and other issues due to the high caffeine present in black tea. Also to avoid increased urination stop consumption of black tea. Due to black tea, the risk of hypertension and anemia can occur in pregnant women. Limit the consumption of black tea during pregnancy.

  • Black Tea Can Cause Insomnia

The presence of caffeine present in black tea can disturb your sleep. Consult with a doctor to consume the right amount of black tea per day. Black tea can cause anxiety issues, constipation, etc. 2 to 3 cups of black tea are good to consume for one person a day. Also, black tea is a popular beverage that comes in different flavors and good option to include in your routine and welcome the benefits.

  • Responsible for Indigestion and Other Issues

Black tea has pros as well as cons. The main disadvantage of black tea is it may cause digestive issues. It depends on the consumption of black tea. Excess drinking can mess up the digestion process. Tannins are present in black tea, which may cause digestion issues. Overdrinking black tea is not beneficial and can cause health problems.  

  • Negative Effects on Health

Overconsumption of black tea can have negative effects on your health. The side effect can change from mild to serious in some people. In case you notice any side effects, contact the doctor and follow his advice. Black tea has different properties compared to green tea. Consumption of black tea in Moderate doses has a good effect on health.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Black Tea

As we know, there are various beverage options available in the market with their unique benefits. Black tea is a comforting beverage and also provides various benefits to staying fit. Here we discuss several skin and hair benefits of black tea.

  • Consuming Black tea prevents hair fall, as many people have seen the results. The caffeine present in black tea decreases the hormone name DHT, which is responsible for hair loss. The antioxidants present in black tea promote hair growth.

For applying this top all you have to do is take 7 to 8 tea bags and steep them in 4 cups of hot water. Let it rest and cool overnight. The next day, transfer the prepared tea into a spray bottle, and after washing your hairs spray the tea evenly on your hairs and let it sit for 20 minutes, and then rinse off with water.

  • Black tea also acts as a natural dye for your hair and makes the hair shiny. For this, you have to take henna and mix black tea well. Apply the prepared henna pastes on your scalp and hairs evenly. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours straight, and then rinse off your hair with water. You can see the instant hair results within hours.

Many people apply or use black tea to make dull hair shiny. For this, you have to prepare black tea stronger than usual. Apply the black tea liquor to your hair and leave for 20 to 25 minutes. Rinse off your hair with normal water and you can see the results after your hair is dry.

  • Black tea is beneficial for the skin as it protects the skin from UV rays. We are constantly on the move, affecting our skin due to heat and sun radiation. It is important to take care of your skin well to avoid skin cancer, pigmentation, and other skin problems. Many people use frozen black tea cubes to treat the skin from sunburns. 
  • Black tea also prevents the skin from premature aging. According to the research, it was discovered that black tea is more effective for skin as compared to other tea. Black tea also helps in reducing puffiness. Black tea ice cubes work well for reducing puffiness.
  • Black tea also helps prevent skin infections as our skin is a sensitive organ and gets affected by pollutants and many more, which can cause skin infection. Adding one teaspoon of honey to your black tea is a good solution to treat skin infections and make your skin healthy.
  • Black tea is a good solution for reducing blemishes or dark spots on the skin. You can apply black tea ice cubes or can include black tea in your diet to see better results. You will start noticing the results in a few weeks. Black tea nourishes the skin with minerals (zinc and magnesium) and vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin B.

Use of Black Tea for a Home Pedicure

Black tea pedicure is easy and cost-effective which provides a the nice food experience at home. The pedicure removes the smell and provides softness to the feet. You have to take a tub of warm water, add black tea to it, and mix it well. Soak your feet for some time in the fragrant water mix and see the results afterwards. It removes all the germs and smells from your feet.

Along with a nice beverage or drink black tea act great as a beauty ingredient. Cold bags of black tea help in treating razor burns, sunburns, and skin sensitivity after waxing. Black tea acts as a great skin toner. It promotes antibacterial benefits and removes excess oil from the skin.

Another use of black is that black tea bags are used to fix broken nails. Many people don’t know about this benefit but yes it does. You can try this hack at home when your nail is broken. Apply a wet black tea bag to the broken nail and leave for some seconds. After some time, you will notice the broken nail is getting sealed back to its normal way.

Black Tea Face Mask for Glowing Skin

  • A black tea face mask can be easily made at home within minutes. Take multani mitti and brew black tea. Mix both of them well and make a thin paste. Apply the backpack evenly to your face and keep it for 20 to 25 minutes. Rinse off with normal water and repeat this method for some days to see better results.
  • Another face mask you can prepare is with avocado. Avocado contains vitamin E and A, which moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth. To prepare this avocado mask, you have to mash an avocado, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of black tea and mix it well. Apply the prepared paste on your face and neck area evenly. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes to get soft skin.
  • A bonus tip for the women who bleach. Sometimes, bleaching makes the facial hair looks too golden. To reduce the effect, you can apply some black tea to the hair area and keep it for some time. Rinse off the face with normal water. Follow this remedy for some days till the golden color fades.

Some Precautions and Warnings Related to the Consumption of Black Tea

The presence of caffeine in black tea affects the thinking and alertness of the mind. A person must have black tea in moderate amounts to avoid the various side effects on health. Consuming more than 10 grams of caffeine in a day is unsafe.

A pregnant woman should consume black tea in moderate amounts to avoid the risk of SIDS, miscarriage, and other effects such as lower birth weight. More than 3 cups of black tare are not safe for breastfeeding women. The caffeine can be passed in breastmilk which can irritate.

Black is considered safe for children if taken in food amount. Black can cause anxiety disorders due to the presence of caffeine. Black tea can cause heart problems such as an irregular heartbeat in some people. A diabetic person should consume black tea with caution. If you have a seizure then avoid taking black tea in large amounts. If you have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc then you should avoid black tea. People with high BP should avoid black tea.

Various Interactions Combination

Do not combine black tea with ephedrine as both are stimulant drugs and combining both can increase the stimulation high which can cause heart problems or serious issues. The interaction of black tea and antibiotics in the body can cause side effects such as increased heart rate, headache, etc.

Interaction of black tea with birth control pills can cause the side effects such as a fast heartbeat, headache, etc. If you consume black tea daily and also take lithium then do not stop taking black tea immediately instead start reducing the amount of black tea to avoid the side effects.


Black tea is a low-calorie, unsweetened, and healthy beverage option to include in your routine. Black tea has a strong flavor but provides various health benefits as we discussed. Along with the health benefits it also provides skin and hair benefits. Black tea is a proven cure and harmless for hair and skin. The best part is it is easily available in the market and online at affordable prices. Those who are looking for a healthy tea option can go ahead with black tea. 




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