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Here, you will get all the details about advertising with Resurchify.

If this is your first visit to our website, we recommend you to kindly check our About Us and Homepage to learn about Resurchify and what our website offers.

An Introduction to Resurchify

Let us give you an overview of the Resurchify website and some of the advertisement options available for your business.

Resurchify is one of the most popular websites for finding events happening around the World.

We bring a varied list of research gatherings like conferences, journals, meetings, symposiums, etc., across multiple areas. Along with that, we also share a huge chunk of details of these events. For example, for the conferences, we share their important schedules, call for paper, etc.

Resurchify is massively used by scientists, researchers, publishers, event hosting companies, and other people. Since our inception, we have received positive feedback from many media outlets around the globe.

What can be advertised on Resurchify?

  • Promote events. Examples, Promote Conferences, Tradeshows, Workshops, Symposiums, Seminars, etc
  • Promote Call for Papers.
  • Promote or advertise your Journal
  • Promote your website, blog, articles
  • Others

Traffic Stats

Our latest stats :

  • Daily unique visits: 15,000+*
  • Daily pageviews: 33,000+*
  • Monthly page views: ~1 Million (94% organic)*
  • Alexa Rank: 56,930
  • Top Traffic Countries: United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, etc.

*Based on Google Analytics Data. Last retrieved on Nov 1, 2021.

We update these statistics every two months. If you have any queries regarding our website traffic, please drop us an email. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Advertise on Resurchify?

  • We have very high organic traffic, and we are growing every day.
  • Resurchify is very popular among researchers, scientists, other brilliant people in the World.
  • Resurchify ranks on the first page of google on top keywords like Find conferences, Find Seminars, Search Symposiums, Find Impact Factor, Top Conferences, and many more.
  • Maximum coverage and reach.
  • High domain authority.

Advertising Options

Currently, the following options are available:

Display Ads:

  • Base Pricing: $2000/month
  • Positioning on the first or second fold of a webpage.

Push Notification Ads:

  • Base Pricing: $200/notification
  • Active Subscribers: 32000+

Additional Services and Charges

  • 1 Do-follow backlink. ($300 additional)
  • 1 Sponsored blog post. ($300 additional)
  • Advertisement on the home page. ($500 additional)
  • Event addition with keyword targeting for up to 10 keywords.

Note: All charges are monthly and exclude tax.

Payment Mode:

We accept payments via PayPal and Payoneer.

Contact Us for Advertising

If interested to advertise on Resurchify, please write to us at [email protected].

Please be sure to add enough details so that we may respond appropriately to your query.